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In an attorney's office, it's the owners of a dry-cleaning place on one side of the table and a wronged customer on the other, and everyone's shouting about a pair of pants hanging on the back of a chair. The plaintiff insists that that pair isn't his, the dry-cleaners protest that it is too, and their attorney wonders if the plaintiff's claim isn't "a little excessive." "We have laws in this country for a reason," he snarls -- the pants were part of an expensive suit. He's offered a new pair of pants, then free dry-cleaning, but he refuses and marches out.

Cut to the dry-cleaners' attorney, Lily Yee (or "Yi," but IMDb offers no wisdom on this point, so "Yee" it is), dead on the ground in her office from blunt-force trauma to the back of the head. It appears the killer bounced her off a chest of drawers. She's also a recent graduate of NYU Law. The man who rents her the office space wanders in, distraught at the scene before him, and Green and Lupo question him; he reports that Lily was a lovely girl, was working late the night before, and didn't have anything expensive in her office besides a laptop, which wasn't stolen. Then he trails off to ask, "Where are the pants?" Green: "Pants?" Oh, Green. If you only knew how many times you're going to say that word in the next 42 minutes. The landlord explains that "some imbecile" was suing his dry-cleaners, who were in fact Lily's parents, and clarifies off Green's question that the plaintiff wanted twenty million dollars; the pants were evidence in his lawsuit. After Lupo and Green exchange raised eyebrows, we cut to the credits.

Lupo and Green talk to the parents. After an odd back-and-forth in which Mr. Yee may be implying that Lily brought shame on herself by getting murdered (and during which Lupo looks nauseated...although Lupo looks nauseated for most of the episode), Mr. Yee explains that the plaintiff brought in his pants; the Yees lost them; the Yees then found them; the plaintiff denied that they were his pants, and sued them anyway. Mr. Yee also mentions that two men came in last week, looking for the pants -- not the plaintiff or his attorney, but two different guys, one black and one white. "They are smiling, but they want those pants very strong!" That's why Lily took the men to her office.

On the street, Green's like, yeah, a white guy and a black guy together in New York -- no problem tracking that down. "Well...there's us," Lupo observes mildly. Green ignores this to speculate that maybe the plaintiff sent the heavies to get the pants, while Lupo makes "has this country gone nuts" noises about the size of the jury award the plaintiff is expecting.

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