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Welcome back, everyone! And what a way to come back than to see one of your favorite Law & Order characters make a dishonorable exit? But I'm getting ahead of myself. Two guys are rolling a third guy down the street in a desk chair, but he seems to be slipping off. The cops are actually there when you want them, and notice that things look weird. Dumb and Dumber (to one of the nameless cops) explain that he's drunk but he said they could use his credit card for booze so they're wheeling him in since the liquor store checks photo IDs. I don't feel like liquor store clerks get a lot of firsts, but I have to wonder if this would be just that. The dude slips off the chair, however, to reveal a nice red stain on his shirt.

Nameless cop brings Lupo up to speed, the guy, John Singer, had been dead for hours and there was no weapon on the two guys who also pretty much exonerate themselves with their low collective IQ. Green shows up, saying he got delayed heading out the door, and the boys go to look at the crime scene. There they find a convenient cell phone whose last call received was from someone named Angela.

Angela was John's girlfriend who just moved in. She tells them that after work he was refereeing a college basketball game in Midtown -- something he did for extra money. As all grieving partners, she has no idea who would want to hurt him. She does admit, though, that he'd stay out all the time and if she asked where he went he'd say he needed his space. Clearly then, moving in was the natural next step after deception. He called her after the game and said he was going for drinks with an equipment manager named Daniel Hoyt. Daniel tells them he invited John for cheap drinks and lap dances to unwind after the game they just called, which had been really close and therefore stressful for the refs. John turned him down saying he was going home to his girlfriend. Daniel also adds the gem that he brought a redhead in tight jeans to a couple of the games, and they'd wave to each other during the game. Aw, and I thought that was only for henpecked professional athletes. John claimed she was a real estate client.

Back at the office, Anita is there to offer her really obvious suggestion to go through his calls, which Green says will take a while -- in real estate, he made about 100 calls a day. Lupo thinks he found something on the credit card, a coffee shop where he went a couple of days a week, out of his way. Green takes a look and starts chuckling inappropriately at the "Four Cousins Coffee Shop" and it's lack of romantic ambiance. While Lupo (pro) and Green (against) argue about if coffee shop food gets a woman In The Mood (answer: depends on the situation and the company, frankly) Anita reads over and remarks that it's right near where he was killed and tells them to go check who he was meeting. She then also comments that if "And by the way, if either one of you ever want to take me out, I choose him." She hands the file to Green and he smirks at Lupo.

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