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Called Home / Darkness

Fade up on a guy buckling his son into a car, then hugging his wife goodbye. It seems like a garden-variety "see you tonight" send-off, but as she pulls out in the Volvo, the guy makes a "...Dun!" face and checks his phone.

In a motel room, the guy portentously removes his shoes, rolls up his sleeve, and starts to lie back on the bed, saying nervously, "Okay. Here we go. I'm really doin' this." He lies back out of frame.

Cut to Green getting the bullet from CSU -- it looks like a drug overdose. The guy isn't wearing his watch or wedding band, and left his credit card and driver's license on the bureau. Another detective tells us that his name is Thomas Lupo (uh oh), and the hotel maid reported seeing a woman in her mid-twenties visiting the room about a half-hour after Thomas checked in. The detective makes reference to some other suspicious death in which a hooker ripped off her john, and after a "joke" about reconsidering infidelity, we go to the credits, in which Rubirosa's hair appears to have improved about a thousand percent.

Green interviews Thomas's wife, who reports that he'd gotten distant in the last couple of weeks, and suggests Green talk to Lupo's brother, Cyrus, who's "flying in today from...somewhere." She asks where Lupo's wedding band is. "It's missing, along with his watch," the other detective reports.

Cop shop, where Van Buren recognizes Cyrus Lupo's name, and Green hopes he's more helpful than the wife: "That lady just didn't want to deal." On the computer, Van Buren finds Lupo, who's assigned to NYPD Intel; he's been overseas for several years, but he used to work patrol out of the precinct, before Green's time. I'll bet y'all ten bucks right now that the "Intel" thing is an excuse to make the Cyrus Lupo a savant know-it-all in the Goren mold, but we'll have to see.

Green picks up a grizzled and sunglassed Cyrus at Customs, and briefs him on what little they have; Lupo says that "hookers and dope" isn't his brother -- he's "not a weak person," he beat cancer five years ago. Green asks when Lupo last spoke to his brother, and Lupo takes an endless pause before saying he doesn't know; Thomas called a couple of weeks before, but Lupo "couldn't" get back to him. When Green asks who might have wanted Thomas dead, Lupo doesn't answer, and Green has to give him the "don't think you're working this case" speech.

Lupo bonds with his niece and nephew, then goes through some of his brother's things, finding a picture of the two of them together; the missing watch and wedding band; and a prescription bottle. He's interrupted by Thomas's wife, Jenny, who tearily asks why Thomas left his ring there. They hug. Jenny sobs; Lupo looks intensely into the middle distance.

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