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So taking a break from recapping Grey's Anatomy has left me decidedly without close-ups of medical procedures to watch until now, where a lecture is going on to show just where one should make an incision for some kind of surgery. I don't know; I turned away as I saw a blade go into skin. We follow a rather pasty-looking doctor from the lecture to his hotel room, where he's clearly getting ready for a hot date -- shaving, chilling champagne. Just when he's about to do a preparatory shot from the hotel mini bar, the phone rings. Guess who? Lupo and Green and their team, investigating the room now that our pasty doctor is lying on the floor, having had his head bashed in by his chilled champagne bottle. The doctor's name is Burns -- his wallet is gone, but his nametag is there. Green has a guy go get his browsing history on the hotel's internet while Lupo admires the fantastic quantity of blood and hair on the bottle. It looks like Burns died between midnight and 3 AM. They find an ATM receipt that says he withdrew $800 at 11 PM the night before, and as Lupo wonders ominously why someone would need that much money that late at night, we go to credits.

Dr. Burns had been at the hotel for an orthopedic surgeons' conference. Security video shows him leaving the hotel with a guy and girl, and then coming back seven minutes after the time he withdrew the money, alone. They then get his browsing history, which shows that he looked up local internet cafés. Lupo, not getting a whole lot to do this week, asks why he'd be going to an internet café when he could use the internet in his room. Well, now, I don't know -- why don't we go find out? Lupo's a little more useful in charming the girl at said internet café with pictures of his dog so that she'll tell them what computer Burns used the day before. He'd been browsing Craigslist personals, specifically a "casual encounters" posting for a "bored housewife" looking for a hookup that night. Green's phone rings to let them know that Burns's wife just arrived at the morgue. Awkward!

She cries as she tells them about how they had a great 16-year marriage and two daughters. She'd spoken to him just the night before when he called to tell her he'd been mugged and lost his wallet, and if they ever admit to her that he was clearly lying about that, we don't get to see it. At their desks, Lupo and Green muse about things at their desk, wondering why Burns would lie to his wife and say his wallet was stolen at 8 PM when he used it at 11. The ATM video doesn't show the mystery couple with him. Lupo decides to make conversation and asks Green if he's ever hooked up with anyone online. Green dismisses it with all the "weirdos" there -- seriously, who meets people and then has functional relationships from the internet these days? He guesses from Lupo's giggle that he has a story about internet dating, but Lupo only tells him he met a girl in a chat room in college, and that Green will have to get a couple of beers in him to hear the rest. Dude, the guy knows that you like to have sex in your socks because your feet get cold, but this is where you draw a line?

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