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Meet Lori and Roger, security guards. Roger's kicking back, reading a tabloid article someone I'd imagine is named something like Whitney Peers who drove drunk and forgot her panties. Lori, meanwhile, is loading a bunch of large boxes onto a cart and Roger looks up long enough to tell her to lift with her legs; he's clearly a prince. She gets into the elevator and he watches on the security camera as the boxes all fall off the cart, then when he turns away, there's a loud bang and the screen goes snowy.

Lupo, Green, and the gang are there to work their magic, and are told that it was a pipe bomb that went off, and Lori was breathing when she was taken away. Lupo borrows a flashlight from a tech to gaze upon the rubble in the elevator; because you don't become a TV detective without an uncanny ability to find little details the professionals missed, he notices a small spring that seems to be from an alarm clock. He then moseys over to talk to Green at the front desk. As Green tells him that Roger went to the hospital with Lori, Lupo finds a pamphlet on prenatal yoga so that this can all get a little more tragic with Lori being pregnant.

Green interviews Roger who explains that Lori was delivering the packages, which were generally medical supplies and specimens. As the camera pans around we see Lupo doing some awesome smell-the-fart acting since he realizes Roger's a giant douche who doesn't actually do any of the work. Roger tells them this wasn't her normal shift and Lupo jumps in to drily tell him it was good of him to ride to the hospital. Roger doesn't pick up on it, just goes on to say he tried calling Lori's husband but couldn't get a hold of him. He looks a little like he wants a medal for calling six whole times. The doctor then comes into the hallway and explains that Lori's out of surgery but had a massive stroke and is in a coma, with only a 5% chance of recovery. The baby is stable and as long as she's on life support will be fine. I wonder if this will become somehow pertinent later, or if it's just an interesting detail?

Lori's husband, Ryan, hangs over her bed and explains to the detectives that she was working overtime since money had been tight. When they mention that he was hard to get a hold of, Lori's mother-in-law cries out that he was in a bar. So Lori's really been surrounded by upstanding male figures lately, I see. Ryan gets on his prissy/angry face and he, his brother, and Lori's parents all start shouting insults over one another. Lupo cuts in to lead the brothers away from all the yelling.

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