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"In the criminal justice system, the people are separated by two separate, yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime; and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. These are their stories." Chung chung!

Fade up on a radio car, where a middle-aged uniform is irritating his younger female partner with 1) tips on how to scam the city for overtime pay and 2) observations on a couple they can see talking outside a bar -- the younger cop thinks the woman is trying to ditch the man, but the older cop thinks they're negotiating price, and he's being an antediluvian sleaze about it. A little later, they're taking a coffee break (read: "the older cop is jamming half a cruller into his piehole") when the radio tells them to respond to a call -- man down, shots fired.

At the scene, the guy from the crime scene unit gives Logan the bullet: John Doe, shot in the heart, pockets picked except for tickets to a fight. Another CSU guy holds up a shell casing from a .32, but who should part the curtains of smoke coming up from manhole just then but one Detective Leonard Briscoe, crabbing at the CSU guy to put the casing back where he found it, then implying that he was enjoying some time with a lady friend when he got the call. (Briscoe was, not the CSU guy.) He continues bitching about the compromise of the crime scene while Logan makes "well excuuuuuuuse me" faces; the first CSU guy helpfully expositions that Briscoe is Logan's new partner. Logan grunts, "It's temporary."

Heading over to the uniforms from before, Briscoe bugs Logan some more. Older Cop reports that they got there "pretty quick," and he's obviously lying, which Briscoe busts him on, asking meanly if they were at Oscar's Donuts, then asks if they saw anything before that. Older Cop says they didn't. Logan tells them to wait, then snipes at Briscoe that "it isn't about donuts"; Briscoe's like, it is when he has powdered sugar on his uniform. He smirks at Logan and walks off.


Logan and Briscoe are interviewing the bartender. There were several dozen people in the bar, and he heard the shot and went outside to investigate, but he only saw the guy lying there -- no cars, no bystanders. He didn't know the guy and doesn't know if he was even in the bar. Logan and Briscoe disgruntle on out of there...

...and back to the car. On the way, Briscoe "nicely" tells Logan he has no problem with Logan's jinx -- you know, how Logan's had two partners get shot. He did? ...Ohhhh yeah, Greevey. Anyway, we then get our very first mention of Briscoe's notorious ex-wives, both of whom are evidently "thrilled" that he got partnered with Logan because they mistakenly think he's "heavily insured." Aw, Briscoe's ex-wives. Drink! Logan's like, har dee har har, but "don't forget, it's a temp job" -- when Cerreta comes back, Briscoe and his exes are SOL. Briscoe's like, fine, but I'm not kicking down any doors for you. Then they're off to track down the fight tickets the victim had.

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