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Political Animal

Three dudes are hanging out in a bar, and when I say dudes, imagine smarmy, financial-types with loosened ties that you'd generally turn away from when they gave you a cheesy pick-up line. One, Sean, seems all troubled and can't be convinced by Todd to go to some event that requires tickets and will have an open bar. The other dude, though, whose chief concern is that his glass isn't empty, is in.

Is it any surprise that the next time we see them, they're all dead in an apartment? Lupo and Green are there, sleuthing around, and from a copy of "Gay New York" they surmise that this is a love triangle, especially considering one guy has a gun in his hand and a single gunshot to the head. The apartment is in Todd's name, Sean just moved in, and the third guy is Dan, newly back from Iraq, and newly crashing there.

They interview some neighbor girls who correct the love triangle theory - Todd was gay, Sean was straight (and a man-ho), and Dan was a friend of Sean's who was just kicked out by his fiancée. They speak to her, and she explains that Dan was a drunk, he wouldn't have had a problem with Todd being gay especially after Todd and Sean took him in, and that she heard Todd talking about a guy he was seeing called "The MVP."

Back at the office, Green announces to Anita, "Turns out, our gay love triangle has two straight guys." She answers, "Plus your murder-suicide doesn't have a suicide." Forensics confirm he didn't kill himself, and they have an unidentified partial print on the gun. They take a look at all three victims and Anita suggests they look into whoever had the most bullets in him.

The Fearsome Twosome go to Todd's office and learn he was an environmental lawyer who didn't talk about his personal life and when they ask his assistant about The MVP she tells them that Todd didn't like sports. They take a look at his schedule and see a blank half-hour that was taken up by a personal call. She came in at the end of the call in time to hear Todd say he'd see whoever it was that night. But that night he'd been at a political fundraiser so he saw a lot of people.

A TV shows a congresswoman named Melanie Carver (the brilliant Jayne Atkinson -- or rather, Karen Hayes) giving some sort of speech, and then the screen is muted by a neat little man who gets a hard-on from working in politics. He organizes political fundraisers and is doing one for Melanie the next day; the night before he'd done one for Jim Gilles which was the event Todd had attended. This guy, Victor Vargas, tells them that Todd and Jim had been having an argument, possibly about the fact that Gilles voted against a gay marriage bill. He also drops the tasty morsel that Gilles was known as "The MVP."

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