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Quit Claim

So, the moral of this episode comes early: Kids, don't go to school in New York because it's scary and you will DIE, which is what happens to a nice girl from Iowa and her mother. Her parents were moving her into an apartment (and her dad was nervous about her living in a "dirty" neighborhood and not a dorm) but he was momentarily seduced by a guitar shop in the dirty neighborhood. While he's looking in the window, there's a thud and a scream, and a white sedan goes careening down the street, having just run over his wife and his daughter. Of course our boys are there to investigate; they learn the car was a Dodge, which is later found abandoned. The car was stolen, and had a bundle of cash in the glove compartment.

I really like Anita, but it does seem a little bit weird that her whole purpose seems to be giving Green and Lupo fairly various suggestions of how to proceed. There's no prints on the car, no witnesses with any specifics, and no banks have been robbed, but the money did have a stamp from a particular bank. She tells them to go see who made the withdrawal. Really, could they not have gotten to that step themselves? Regardless, they go to visit a guy and his wife who are in the process of moving. He's rather cagey with the details, but his wife finally gets him to admit that they bought a house from a company that sells houses in foreclosure. The guy said if they paid $50K in cash, he'd knock that off the price when he reported the sale, so then they'd pay fewer taxes. Yeah, that doesn’t sound sketchy at all -- way to go, dude. He gives them the name of the agent, Dennis Langdon, and the company, Home Relief Corporation.

And, sure enough, the office address for Dennis Langdon is an empty office full of unopened mail. While Green makes himself useful opening drawers, Lupo looks through the mail and finds all sorts of notices that appear to be receipts from deed transfer filings. So it's off to the County Recorder's office, where they learn that he set up this company to flip a ton of houses, all of which he bought on Quit Claim deeds. Green guesses that the people couldn't make payments, so they walked away. Tell that to the woman who owns the home that couple just bought. She thinks she signed her home away to help clear up her credit, and Lupo has the thankless task of telling her it's actually been sold to someone else, made a bit more sticky by the fact that both he and Green are clearly having to make an effort to not express just how dumb they find this poor lady.

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