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Bum Bum! A man gets out of his car and his wife takes the driver's seat; he seems in great spirits while she's pissed that he seems to like whatever situation he's in. After a long puff on his inhaler (which I'd mock if my own wasn't sitting in my bag) he bounds across the street to where there's some sort of strike going on outside the courthouse. While he's got tons of energy and excitement, his fellow picketers seem kind of over it. After he tries to hold up a passing car, one sends him back to man the delivery gate, and he runs off to do his duty.

Sucks for him that his duty seems to have gotten him run over by a car. His name was Frank Dresner, and he was a paralegal. The guy who sent him back there comes around to talk to Bernard and explains that the City Legal Aid is on strike. He tells them that a guy in a BMW would flip them off every time he came by. Damn yuppies! Frank fought with the guy a couple of times, and Unnamed C.L.A. striker has a picture on his phone. Bernard tells him to find that and to stick around, all in a rather grand manner that suggests he's been waiting for this Cop Moment. They note that there are skid marks and also a security camera, but that won't do them any good since it was pointed toward the wall. Lupo announces, "This is why I don't like strikes. Safer to stay on the job."

The security footage shows Frank and BMW Man having their altercation, but Frank seems to be the instigator. After walking in front of the car, he jams the handle of his sign into the hood, making a dent. When the guy gets out to yell at him, Frank shoves him. The cap he's wearing might as well say "Rage Issues!" instead of "C.L.A." At this point he notices the camera and reaches up to turn it away from the action. Bernard naively asks what Frank is doing, while Lupo comments sarcastically on the awesomeness of a victim screwing up the investigation of his own murder.

They go to see BMW Man -- Matthews -- who seems to know nothing of the murder. He's a process server who thinks the picketers are lazy bums and keeps asserting that he just tapped Frank. While Bernard inspects the car Lupo whips out a picture of Frank's body in the street, but Matthews denies any knowledge of what happened. Bernard notices that he's got a brand-new tire in front, but he opens his trunk to show that he had one replaced after driving over nails. Sure enough, there's a tire with nails in his trunk -- three in the tread and one in the side wall. I've driven over a lot of nails, and never, ever has one leapt up and embedded itself in the side of my tire. Matthews says that he heard the picketers were dumping nails in the street, but Lupo is unimpressed and just tells him they're going to impound his car.

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