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Bum bum! Two really drunk girls are stumbling around an impound lot trying to get their car back. The officer working, Sonny, won't give it to them, and he's thanked by one of them puking against his booth and then passing out. He tells another guy to call 911, but the other, still-conscious girl begs him not to since they'll get in trouble. She then asks to use his phone since she can't get a signal on her cell, but he won't let her, so she stumbles off outside. Ever the gentleman, he watches her as she walks around the corner and down the highway out of sight, with a glare on his face that made me first think that he would be the murderer du jour. But then again, maybe he just thought her chartreuse tights really were ugly.

Then we're in the emergency room lobby with Pukey, Lupo, Green, and the parents of the one who stumbled off, named Anne-Marie, who is now missing. Pukey seems to be more worried about them getting busted than about her missing friend, whom she says tried to call a college guy they met that night to come pick them up. Green assures the parents that the cops will find their daughter, and Lupo then adds under his breath, "Yeah, we find 'em." So if there was any shred of doubt about what state she'll be in when she's found, it's gone now.

The first person they talk to is the college guy that the girls met, Brendan. He's a real gem, but that was probably obvious to you already by his taste in high school girls. He admits that Anne-Marie called him for a ride, saying she was lost, and that he responded by hanging up. Rather than seem ashamed when Lupo questions this with judgment heavy in his voice, Brendan knowingly tells them that he'd met other girls later. Maybe it was the tights that turned him off?

Next they interview Sonny, who tells them he did everything "by the book" and says that the girl just took off after he called the ambulance. Lupo and Green seem to already be tired of dealing with guys that don't care at all for the welfare of young girls, but they're not really going to have any sort of reprieve later. Green incredulously asks if he just watched the drunk girl stumble away onto the highway, and defensively Sonny replies only, "What am I, Super Nanny?" Well, duh, no; you don't have a British accent.

Anita's duty this week is to play Exposition Fairy. Anne-Marie's parents called the press so the PD's been getting tons of calls, but two were from people who saw her on the highway; one saw her getting into a cab. Lupo asks if they have a license plate, which he seems to think might actually be likely. Of course no one thought to write down the plate number of a cab picking up a drunk girl in New York. Strange. Green says the witness says there were flowers on the taxi, and Anita gets to explain some more: that they're celebrating 100 years of New York taxis, so kids are painting flowers on all of them. (Well, sorta.) Conveniently, the taxi that picked her up only had flowers on the trunk, so they can narrow it down. This leads them right to the driver that picked her up, of course. But it wasn't a new fare -- rather, the guy who was already in the cab told him that he knew the girl, and to pull over and pick her up. He did, and then dropped them off at what the driver calls "very bad hotel."

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