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Island; Day; Time Period Unknown For Now: The camera zooms in on Jack's right eye -- mirroring the opening scene of the pilot. He wakes to the sounds of birds chirping, and the breeze blowing, and I can't decide if the whispers I hear are from the show or from the voices in my head. Whatever. Lost put about a third of them in there, anyhow. Jack breathes heavily, because lying flat on your back can leave you winded (if you do it right) and springs up once he lets himself realize he's back on Craphole. He takes a deep breath of crazy island air and reviews a scrap of what we now know to be Locke's (alleged) suicide note which reads, "I wish." I think I hear the island whisper, "Wish granted, John Locke," but I can't be sure, because Hurley is shouting. "Help. Anyone." Dropping the scrap, Jack heads towards Hurley's voice, comes to the edge of a cliff, and finds Hurley holding onto a guitar case, and struggling to stay afloat in waterfall-fed lake below. Jack dives in to save him. I've decided he's well acquainted with this lake, so that I don't have to freak out about a spinal surgeon diving off a cliff into unfamiliar waters. He makes his way over to the struggling Hurley who is freaking. He spots an unconscious Kate lying with her head on a rather large rock. Talk about your Jacob's pillow -- and yet, she's not bleeding. I mean -- not even a scratch. Jack flips her over -- listens to her...throat (what's up with that), and uses all his medical knowledge to revive her by saying, "Kate?" Good thing she has a doctor handy.

Kate comes to, and says, "What happened?" And while most of the above has been the same (albeit shorter) than the original opening, this is different. Jack shakes his head because he doesn't know. Kate covers her face with her hand and grimaces, because people do that a lot on Craphole. They learn Korean from Jin and grimacing from Daniel. This time, Jack asks Kate if she can get up, and she can, so she does -- well, she sits, and asks, "The plane -- where's the plane?" If only Hervé Villechaize were still alive, Kate. Jack says he doesn't know. After the light, he woke in the jungle. Kate wonders if it's just them there. Jack's not sure. He says, "Do either of you remember crashing?"

Hurley says, "Crashing? No. One second I'm being tossed around; the next thing I know, I'm in the lagoon." Lagoon! Pool. Pond. (Pond would be good for you.) Lagoon!

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