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Kate looks around. "Where's Sun and Sayid?" She takes a beat, then looks at Jack with alarm. "Where's Ben?"

Jack suggests they spread out and search the jungle. "We come across anybody from the plane, we'll..." He's interrupted by the sound of a motor, and cheesy 70s pop. Hurley looks up to see the blue VW Bus, apparently all shiny and new, tooling down the road toward them. He simply says, "Dude." A man (and his rifle) exits the bus. He's wearing a Dharma Initiative jumpsuit and wastes no time in taking aim at Jack, Kate, and Hurley. They stand in the water, looking at him, with their mouths hanging open. Finally, Hurley speaks. "Jin?!"

Jin lowers his weapon and lets the sight before him register. He lets out the smallest, silent, frightened laugh and we fade to black. DUN! Bad robot!

Just a little bit of score-keeping before I put this bad boy to bed. Let's see how well the Oceanic Six did, trying to recreate the circumstances of Oceanic flight 815.

1. Jack has Locke as his Christian Shepherd-show-wearing Christian Shepherd proxy.

2. Sun is trying to get back together with her husband, which sort of mirrors the state of their marriage when they first landed on Craphole. And she has a personal possession of his -- a ring.

3. Hurley has a Spanish language comic, as he did the first time (although I can't recall it). And he has a guitar, which must represent Charlie and since Hurley is loaded, it may well be Charlie's guitar.

4. Sayid's there, but he's in custody, of course the Marshall can stand in for Kate's Marshall.

5. Kate's there alone this time, but see above.

6. Aaron's not there, but...he was in Claire's belly the first time the Lost-aways landed on Craphole. Kate and Jack had sex the night before their flight on Ajira 316- with Jack. Was it unprotected? Maybe there was an Aaron proxy on this new plane.

Additionally, Frank was supposed to be flying Oceanic 815. Now maybe the monster ate Greg Grunberg because he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. Maybe Frank was supposed to be there all along. Of course, if there was no crash, maybe Frank kept flying. If Frank did flash to the island, there soon will be a crash, I reckon. Meanwhile, Sayid's Marshall puts me in mind of Ana-Lucia, a little. The biggest wild cards are Saïd/Caesar and Benjamin Linus. I'm not so sure the island even wants Ben anymore, but even if it does, Linus wasn't on Oceanic flight 815. I suppose he could be an Aaron stand-in, too -- a child of the island. But I think it's interesting that we didn't see him during any of the turbulence, or right before the flash. I wonder if the plane did crash and/or if the flash just sucked out the people the island wanted to return. We'll see Wednesday. Some Wednesday. Eventually. I hope.

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