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All in all, this was a good episode, and an important episode, but regardless of how well it set up all our little pawns, it lacked emotional resonance. And I found it frustrating that we don't know why or how anyone but Jack and Sun came to the decision to return. I assume Mrs. Hawking was behind it, but how did she convince them. I mean -- Kate? Was so not going back there. What did she do with Aaron? Did Sun send him off to Halmoni Paik? Did Kate give him to Carole Littleton, his biological grandmother? Did she secret him away to Sawyer's Baby-Mama? Why wouldn't she tell Jack where he was? Was she instructed to have sex with Jack? How and why was Hurley convinced? How did he know to bring the guitar? The comics? Did Charlie visit him again? Why did Sayid get arrested? And how did one Marshall manage to keep him subdued, unless he wanted to be subdued? Most importantly -- how did Benjamin Linus get all bloody? Was some of it Penny's blood -- or was it all just his own? I can't fault Lost for not tipping its entire hand, but an awful lot of the reunion at the airport and on the plane lacked emotion, in part, because the characters were kept separate -- at least in part -- to keep them from spilling their stories. It's fine with me that they're on the flight (or now the island) but not really together, and the emotions aren't joyous, but I felt like I could see too many strings being pulled this time. We had a lot of shrugs, odd looks and things unsaid, that all spelled out to me, "We can't tell you yet, because we're going back to flashback format." I like the time jumps, and I always did like the flashbacks, but I don't want to be taken out of the story again like I was tonight. Too much technique -- not enough art.

In this week's "The Life And Death Of Jeremy Bentham," ABC tells us "Locke's fateful mission off the island as Jeremy Bentham is revealed." I wish I could just FLASH! to it, now.

Which Lost character has the best backstory? Find out here, then discuss this episode in our forums!

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