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So yeah...while the island movements seem random, the clever fellow made up math (yes, I said "made up math" and I meant it; math and I have issues) to predict where the island will appear at a certain point of time. Then she says something about windows and I'm pretty sure that's a product placement for Bill Gates, but who can tell? At any rate, the Escape-aways have to find one of these Hot Pocket windows and un-re-defenestrate themselves in order to get back to where they once belonged. Hawking says the escape-aways' window closes in 36 hours as she hands Jack her binder.

Desmond can't believe his ears -- that any of these people would willingly return to Craphole. He's only there to explain Daniel's message -- that they people on the island need Hawking's help. Desmond calls bull shenanigans on the whole thing. He walks right in the pendulum's path and I'm worried for a moment that it's going to whack him as he makes his way over to Hawking, pointing the finger right at her. "He didn't say Jack; he didn't say Sun; he didn't say Ben; he said you." Great point, Des. When Hawking says, "But I am helping, dear," Desmond sneers. "Consider the message delivered." He walks off, nearly getting knocked over by the pendulum, again. Please be more careful, my pretty, precious snowflake. There's not another like you, brotha. As he leaves, Hawking tells him that the island isn't done with him yet. Desmond lets the group know that she cost him four years of his life that he'll never get back, because she told him it was his purpose to go there. He again courts death by pendulum to speak with Jack. "You listen to me, brotha, and you listen carefully, these people -- they're just using us. They're playing some kind of game and we are just the pieces." Jack looks off to Hawking and then back at Desmond, who is makes COMPLETELY CRAZY EYES at Jack. "Whatever she tells you to do, ignore it." Jack looks at Des as if to say, "Your words make sense, but you keep dancing around that pendulum and dude -- that thing you did with your eyes was frigging nuts, so I'm going to listen to the pretty older lady in the smart blue suit, because she puts me in mind of a British Alice Horton, you know, if Alice Horton were EVIL. Besides, my judgment sucks almost as much as Locke's and I've got a legacy to build." Desmond then addresses Hawking. "You say the island's not done with me. Well, I'm done with the island." Hawking's expression is the one your grandmother wears when one of your uncles has too much to drink at a family gathering. She purses her lips and turns from Des, who stomps out and slams the door behind him. Like your uncle might, when he's had too much to drink at a family gathering. I'm just saying.

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