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Later we find Jack seated at a bar. His posture indicates he may have been there a while, but he seems to be nursing his Scotch on the rocks when his phone rings. We jump to what looks like a retirement home, but seems to be run like a nursing home. A suit tells Jack, "This is the fourth time he's left. He has to follow the rules or he'll have to move to our fully-assisted facility." I think this plot point is terribly sloppy. The "he" is Jack's grandfather -- Ray. He seems of sound mind and body (he uses a cane), and not old enough to be Christian's father and Jack's grandfather, while I'm picking nits. Jack meets up with Ray in the facility's common room. He's watching magician who has just revealed a white rabbit. On the way back to Ray's room, Jack tries find out where Ray was headed, but he won't come clean. They enter his studio apartment, which is why this makes it all so confusing. Typically, people in a retirement home can leave. They live there. They're not imprisoned there. But apparently Ray is, but he's imprisoned such that Jack tells him, "If you take off again, they're going to throw you out of here." Um. I think Ray's good with that. While Jack unpacks Ray's suitcase, Ray asks if he's still with Kate, but Jack confirms they're no longer together. Jack explains to Ray that he might be going away, but is no more forthcoming about the "where" than Ray was. It's then that Jack spots a pair of black wingtips in his grandfather's suitcase. They're not Ray's -- they were Christian's. Jack stares down at them, then with (more) tears in his eyes, asks if he can take the shoes.

Jack returns home and man, Ben must have had a cleaning service come in, because remember his place used to look like a flophouse? He opens all the kitchen cabinets, then rounds the corner and he finds what he's looking for in his desk drawer -- a bottle of booze. Does he not remember where he keeps his booze? Yikes. He hears a noise and realizes he's not alone. He makes his way through the dark apartment which is just crazy. I'd be turning on lights left and right. It's a creepy scene, but it ends well, with Jack finding Kate lying on his bed. Okay, and I know that's still creepy to you Sawyer and Kate fans, but you know what I mean. She looks despondent. Jack asks what she's doing there. She wants to know if he's still going back to the island -- because if so, she's going with him. Jack wants to know what happened, and where Aaron is. Kate sits up. "Don't ask questions. If you want me to go with you, you'll never ask me that question again. You will never ask me about Aaron. Do you understand, Jack?" Jack nods and says he does. Kate thanks him, and they...make out, er...because that's what you do when your son -- the nephew of your boyfriend -- has suddenly become such a sore subject that his uncle can't ask about him. Okay, then. I don't mean to trivialize it because it's pretty hot; it's just a weird little scene. Kate's obviously devastated, and Jack's too afraid of scaring her off yet again, so they kiss and fall to the bed, as one of them starts to remove Jack's jacket. And? We go to commercial, which is far less hot. It's that one with the woman with the streaming, long armpit hair. Shudder. The ad-buyer must be a S/Kater.

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