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The next morning, Jack makes coffee and puts out some orange juice, and he looks pretty chipper, so I'm going to pretend the sex must have cheered Kate up, some, at least during. Fresh from the shower, she bids him a good morning and he smiles, all smitten kitten that he is. She makes small talk with him about the wingtips -- joking that hiking boots would be a better choice for the island. Jack explains: "Those were my father's. When I went to pick up his body in Sydney, my dad didn't have any nice shoes. My mother wanted to have the funeral as soon as I landed back in L.A., but I thought, 'Who the Hell's gonna see his feet?' And so I-I had these old white tennis shoes, and I just said, 'Use these. Put these on him,' 'cause he wasn't worth a nice pair of shoes to me, or the time it would take to go out and get 'em." Jack looks down at his coffee with more than a little regret.

Kate says, "So why don't you get rid of 'em? Why hold on to something that makes you feel sad?" Kate's looking pretty sad herself, as is Jack. Do they make one another sad, or do they want each other when they feel sad? Yes. Before Jack can answer, although I'm not sure he would have, the phone rings. Jack looks at her, like he's not sure what do with this strange new ringing sound. Kate seems perplexed, too. The hell? Finally, she stands. "Go ahead. I'll see you at the airport, okay?" Jack nods and Kate high-tails it out of Jack's place like it was Craphole, itself. Jack FINALLY answers the phone. It's Ben, who almost sounds like he's crying. Jack asks if he's okay. We cut to a scene of Ben at a payphone (do they still have payphones?) at the Marina. "Listen, we don't have much time. I've been, uh... sidetracked, and I need you to pick up Locke's body and take it to the airport." The camera pans around to give us a full profile shot. Ben's hair is wet and his face is covered in blood, which seems disproportionate to the few small scrapes I can see. "The coffin is at Simon's Butcher Shop. Corner of Grande and Hayes." Jack wants to know what's happened to Ben that he can't retrieve Locke's corpse. Ben says, "Just do it, please." Jack hangs up and we jump to the Butcher Shop. Jill knows him when she lets him in, so Jack and Jill go up the...ah...I already did that in the recaplet, and it was weak, then. I won't punish you twice. They go back into the meat locker, where there are sides of beef hanging and full Lockes (okay, just the one) already boxed up and ready to travel. Jill wants to know what's in the bag, but Jack shoots her a dirty look when she asks, so she apologizes, and excuses herself to pull the van around back.

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