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Once she's gone, Jack braces himself, opens the casket, then removes Locke's shoes and replaces them with Christian's. Feeling like an asshat, he starts talking to the body. "Wherever you are John, you must be laughing your ass off that I'm actually doing this, because this is even crazier than you are." Long time -- no see, I guess. Once he's done, he takes out the still unopened suicide note, and sticks it inside Locke's jacket. "And here. You can have that back. I've already heard everything you had to say, John. You wanted me to go back. I'm going back. Rest in peace."

Jack checks himself and Locke's corpse in, at the Ajira Airlines counter, and answers the clerk's questions about transporting the corpse. He then informs Jack that due to increased security measures, the airline is required to open the casket and perform a screening. Jack's distracted, because he sees Kate walk in, but finally gives his consent and signs away Locke's... death. The man waiting in line behind Jack inclines his head slightly and says, "My condolences. I'm sorry you lost your friend." The actor playing him is Saïd Taghmaoui and although it wasn't revealed in this episode, IMDB tells me he'll be playing a character named Caesar, but I'm too busy wondering if you pronounce Saïd the same as Sayid and if this Saïd is a stand-in for our Sayid. While Jack is waiting in the security area, Sun approaches him. If there's any chance Jin is alive, she has to be on that plane. As they speak, they notice Sayid being escorted through the security area (and past an Oceanic Air sign, ha), so I guess Saïd/Caesar isn't his stand-in, which is good, because I like original recipe Sayid. And original recipe Sayid has laid his coat over his wrists, like one might if one were wearing handcuffs, because he is. The woman with Sayid shows a badge to airport security, and they nod her and her prisoner through. Jack and Sun look on with great interest, while I look on with great hope.

You see, like most of you, I'm terribly afraid that Ben has killed or hurt Penny or Charlie Hume (not Des, because the island isn't finished with him, yet). But when I saw Sayid, I made up this big fanwank, whereby Sayid tailed Ben, saw him picking up Hurley from Lawyer Dan Norton, and beat the stuffing out of him, and nobody bothered the adorable Hume family, not one little bit. And shut up. Until they show me her corpse, I'm not going to accept that anything could have happened to Mrs. Unique Special Snowflake, m'kay?

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