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Next, we see Hurley, reading a Spanish Language version of the comic book Y: The Last Man, written by Lost producer Brian K. Vaughan (hat tip to Doc Jensen). And I read there or elsewhere on the net (I disremember where) that the Spanish Language comic Hurley was reading on Oceanic 815 was also by Vaughan, but I don't even remember Hurley reading a comic book, just Walt -- which is neither here nor there. The woman at the Ajira counter starts making announcements about stand-by seats, and Hurley rushes up to correct her. He bought up all 78 remaining vacant seats on the flight. The woman verifies this, and then tries to talk Hurley into letting the other customers get to their destination, too. Hurley looks around the waiting area at the people waiting -- a man alone, a woman with her children, and he remains the moral center of our show, because he's doing whatever he can to protect all the innocent by-standers who don't need to be captured in the Craphole Continuum, and he stands firm. "They can take the next flight." Jack sees him, and asks what he's doing there -- and how he knew about it. Hurley says all that matters is that he's there. They both seem uncomfortable, but Jack tells him he's glad he's there. Hurley then says, "Okay. Let's do this." Jack nods, and Hurley says, "After you," so Jack approaches the gate.

Once inside the plane, he finds Sayid and his Marshall sitting in first class. Sayid looks like he wants to speak to Jack (and in a more kindly manner than when last they met), but looks at his Marshall and thinks twice. Jack then passes Sun, who is contemplating Jin's wedding ring. He approaches Kate and says, "You made it." She echoes him. "Yeah, I made it," but what she doesn't make is room for him in her row. He waits, because he wants to sit with her, but she doesn't budge. He takes his seat at the back of first class, just as Hurley enters with a guitar case. He sits a couple of rows behind Sayid's Marshall. Just as the flight attendant declares that's everyone, a whiny little voice carries down the hall. "Hold up. Waaaaaait, please." It's Ben. Of course. Now, that's not duplicating the flight, is it? His face is pretty scratched up, so I'm now pretending all the blood on it earlier was his own. His left arm is in a sling, so I'm also pretending that if he got anywhere near the Special Snowflake Family, he was sent packing before he could do too much damage. Sayid sees him board, but manages not to say anything. Not our Hurley, though. "Wait! What's he doing here?!" Jack tries to calm him down, but Hurley yells, "No, no, he can't come!" Jack puts his hands on Hurley's shoulders and tells him that if they want to get back, this is the way it's got to be. Define "want" Jack. Meanwhile, Ben says, "Who told you to be here, Hugo?" They're interrupted by the flight attendant who asks if everything is okay. Hurley begrudgingly lies that it is and returns to his seat. The flight attendant then asks Jack if he's Jack, and since he is Jack he says he's Jack. She then hands him Locke's suicide note, commenting that security found it for him, while screening his "cargo." And why the hell didn't they leave it in there? Really, that would have pissed me off. She then directs Jack and Ben to their seats because the plane is readying for take-off.

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