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Is Richard Alpert... Myth-taken?
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Previously, on Lost, As Richard builds a ship in a bottle, Ben tells Sun that Richard has been a Craphole advisor for a very long time. Elsewhere and else-when, Richard tells Jack he wants to die because he devoted his life in service to a man who said he had a plan, but now that man is dead, so he's decided his entire life had no purpose. It's hard to argue, but we already watched that episode, so we know all about Jack's dynamite comeback.

NOW but not now on Lost: Jacob arrives at a hospital to visit a mummy, which turns out to be Ilana. Hey, shouldn't this be in the Previouslies? He's dressed all in black, and wearing gloves, because... um... they're speaking Russian. Oh c'mon, what would you wear if you had to visit a mummy in a Russian hospital? Anyhow, he's sorry he couldn't make it sooner. She's very happy to see him. Speaking in Russian requires too much energy so they switch over to English. Jacob says he's there because he needs her help. Ilana's willing, if not ready and able, so she agrees. Now it's time for the director's cut of this scene: There are six people he needs her to protect, and he'll give her one of his spiffy lists with their names on it. "This is what you've been preparing for." By getting her face blown-off? I never thought I'd say this, but suddenly colonoscopy preparation sounds like a gas. (Sorry.) The six people are... the remaining candidates.

Lostaway Beach; A More Nowish Now; Nighttime: The Jacobites sit around their campfire while Sun and Ilana explain that there are candidates to take over Jacob's job on the island, and Sun, Hurley, and Jack are all in the running. Of course nobody adds that there are six in total, and that nobody's really sure if Sun or if Jin is the "Kwon" candidate (my latest crackpot theory is that, because Jin and Sun are married, the two are one flesh/one candidate), because that would mean they were sharing information with one another, and then we'd be fresh out of show. Frank would like to know what to do next, but Ilana's fresh out of knowledge. When Jack asks who does know, we flash back to...

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