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Is Richard Alpert... Myth-taken?

Richard opens his eyes. "Is she gone?" Hurley says, "Yeah." Richard looks at the cross he's still clutching in his hand, and thanks Hurley as he puts it back on. Hurley says, "Yeah, you got it," but will not meet Richard's eyes, so Richard asks him if something is wrong. Hurley: "She kind of said one more thing -- something you have to do." Richard asks what. Hurley, looks as though he's recalling Isabella's words. "She said you have to stop the Man in Black. You have to stop him from leaving the island, 'cause if you don't, todos nos vamos al infierno." We all go to Hell. The camera zooms out to show Faucke, watching from a distance, with hatred in his eyes.

Craphole; 1867: Jacob finds Esau playing with white rock. "Good morning. [...] I see you got my present." Esau tells him not to gloat. "It doesn't become you." Jacob: "So you tried to kill me?" Esau: "Do you expect an apology?" Jacob doesn't, he'd just like to know why. It's simple. Esau wants to leave. Jacob says that as long as he's alive, Esau isn't going anywhere, which is exactly why Esau wants to kill him. "And I will kill you, Jacob." Jacob says, "Even if you do, somebody else will take my place." Esau nods, "Well, then I'll kill them, too." Jacob looks off at the mountains for a moment, and then digs in his ginormous pocket and takes out the jug of wine, and hands it to Esau. "Here. Something for you to pass the time." When Esau doesn't thank him, Jacob rises and leaves. "I'll see you around." Esau watches after his jailor for a while, then sits back and says, "Sooner than you think," which Faucke will one day tell Richard. Esau then flips over the jug of wine, so that the cork is at the bottom, just like Jacob did, during his demonstration to Richard. After watching the contents swirl for a moment, he dashes the bottle against the rocks, spilling all that lovely red wine. See? Evil!

Okay, so I think the first Isabella apparition was Smokey (or a Smokey-manipulated Isabella), and the second was actually Isabella's true spirit, free from evil influence. In both cases, her cross is the conduit. Now that it's back where it belongs, Richard stands a chance at reclaiming his faith.

I really like the island as cork explanation. In other words, it's the Hellmouth, and the mystical energy emanating from it attracts all sorts. It makes me wonder about the sunken island we saw in the season premiere, though. When Jack, Juliet, et al blew up the island (or tried) were they helping Smokey without knowing it? If so, is Sideways Locke really Locke, or is he Fauke, too?

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