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Is Richard Alpert... Myth-taken?

My favorite super crazy theory comes from RiverThames: "Jacob and the Man In Black are BOTH Aaron, having grown up and gone back in time. Jacob is Aaron from Flash-sideways Verse, raised by Claire, and MIB is Aaron from Mainverse, raised by Kate (another) but with a crazy mother (Claire)." I mean, I'm not betting the mortgage on it, but it's got a good beat, and you can dance to it.

It seems clear that Smokey is evil and Jacob is good, which seems so simple that I start doubting that assumption. Which makes me feel silly. Which removes my doubt. Which makes everything seem clear. Which makes me start doubting again. Then I start wondering if both Smokey and Jacob are trapped in a game, and they can't come out ''til the coach sends someone else in. Then I start wondering if anyone has compiled all the rules of the game, revealed to date. Since I can't travel through time, I need to stop, and get to the rest of my life, like family, food and sleep, so I'll lay off the speculation and analysis for this week.

In conclusion, I just want to say what a fantastic episode this was. I turned on the TV, and the next thing I new, it was 9:50 PM. Seriously, that was the first time I looked at the clock, and my kids were up, man. Hats off to Nestor Carbonell. This was damned near a monologue and yet he carried the episode without breaking a sweat. We got some answers, big (why Jacob granted Richard immortality) and small (the destruction of Four Toes, and the resting place of the Black Rock), and we learned how Richard becomes an advisor, too. We also seemed to amass additional evidence that Smokey is bad and Jacob is good, and truly does believe in free will. Most importantly, we learned the importance of Craphole Island.

I'll see you Wednesday morning with my recaplet of "The Package." In the meantime, email me your speculation at CynthiaMcLennan[at]gmail.com, or twit it to me on Twitter, and join us in the forums, where we never dash our wine bottles against the rocks, particularly not when there's still wine in them.

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