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Is Richard Alpert... Myth-taken?

It's all for nothing. When Richard returns home, Isabella is dead -- her English language Bible ("Holy Bible" is visible on the cover) lies open on her breast. While Richard is still weeping over her corpse, the fuzz bursts in, which seems too damned quick to me, so I'm allowing that Richard's 143 year old memories (or since we're only flashing back from 2004 to 1867, I guess that's 137 year old memories) may have a couple of holes.

Prison: Richard is wearing Isabella's cross and reading her King James translation of the Bible (verses visible on screen: Luke 4:24-29, and the notation in upper righthand corner indicates the page ends with verse 4:37). which impresses the priest (Juan Carlos Cantu) who arrives with food. Richard, who is not hungry, explains that he and Isabella were learning English to immigrate to the "New World," which really was less new by 1867, yeah? When the priest asks if he's ready to confess his sins, Richard nods and readily drops to his knees. After admitting, "I killed a man," he begs for forgiveness. Even after he explains that Dr. Devoid's death was an accident, Father Fail refuses him absolution, arguing that Richard has no time to do penance, since he's to be hanged, tomorrow. "No, my son. I'm afraid the devil awaits you in Hell. May God have mercy on your soul." Yeah, Padre? And also with you. Commercial.

Later, possibly on hanging day, the priest and guards arrive in Richard's cell, blindfold him, and march him down the dreary corridor. However will Jacob save him from this fate? Richard prays fervently (well, I think he's praying, there are no subtitles). Father Fail and friends lead Richard, not to the gallows, but to a room where a British sailor, Mr. Jonas Whitfield (like Widmore, but field-ier) awaits. Whitfield (Steven Elder) inspects Richard's hands and teeth, then removes the blindfold and asks Richard if he speaks English. When Richard fails to answer, Whitfield tells the priest to bring him another prisoner and let Richard hang. Richard finally finds his voice. When Whitfield inquires about his strong hands, Richard says he does field work. Whitfield: "I understand you're interested in going to the..." A ridiculously long beat "...New World." Richard is glad to go anywhere that isn't the gallows. Whitfield tells him it's his lucky day. He hands Father Judas Fail his 30 pieces of silver and says, "This man is now the property of Captain Magnus Hanso." He leans in toward Richard and adds, "I hope you don't get seasick.

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