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Is Richard Alpert... Myth-taken?

Ocean; Nighttime; A Violent Storm: The good ship Black Rock is tossed about on the waves, and below deck, Richard and his poor prisoners are having a hellish time. One of them announces he sees land, and through a crack in the hull, we see the statue of Tawaret, when it was so much more than a four-toed foot. A prisoner declares the statue a devil. "The island is guarded by a devil." Sí, señor, but we call him Fauke. Richard clutches Isabella's cross and prays as the ship is taken up in a tsunami-like wave. The force of the wave and boat combined takes the ancient statue of Tawaret down to its Four-Toes form we know and love.

Island; Inland; Day: That must have been a Hell of a wave, because The Black Rock rests in the very same spot you'd find it today, if it existed, I mean. Soon the prisoners start to wake. After observing that God spared them -- at least some of them, they yell in Spanish (and Richard, in English) to the crew for help. Up above, the crew is too busy fretting about Hanso's death and landing in the middle of a "bloody jungle" to care about the brown people in shackles below. Finally though, their cries are answered -- sorta. Whitfield descends the ladder... and starts killing off prisoners, left and right.

When Richard pleads for mercy, Whitfield says they're stranded in the middle of a jungle, with limited supplies and no fresh water (hey Whitfield, it's a jungle, not a desert), and there are only five crew members left. He tells Richard, "If I freed you, it would only be a matter of time before you tried to kill me." Richard goes to grasp his cross and plead his innocence, but the cross is gone. Just before Whitfield slays Richard, we hear the telltale ticka ticka rattle clank, and a terrific commotion up above, with men screaming.

When Whitfield shouts to his crew for a report, their blood answers -- pouring down through the grates and onto his head. Not what he was looking for, guys. Again, Whitfield yells, "REPORT," and who should answer but Smokey! He envelops Whitfield and drags him back up through the grates. Richard, struggles to rip his chains from the ship, but freezes when Smokey pours back in. He faces off with Richard, who closes his eyes and (I believe) prays. When the ticka ticka rattle clanks stop, Richard opens his eyes, and the camera closes in on one. It reminds me of the shot of Jack's eye in the pilot, and many eyes since then. It also makes me laugh though, because on first glance, the shot does nothing to shore up Nestor Carbonell's claims that he does not wear eyeliner. But if you're watching on DVR, pause here and take a closer look. Some people claim they can see his contact lens, but that's not my point. My point is that he is not wearing eyeliner. His lashes are so incredibly thick and plentiful that they clump even at their roots. I've never seen anything like it. But I suppose that's not the scene's point. The scene's point is: Richard gets judged and passes. DUN!

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