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Is Richard Alpert... Myth-taken?

Outside the Black Rock, Esau feeds Richard some boar. I suppose he's too weak and hungry to contemplate whether or not that's the same boar that ate his traveling companions, but I'm not. Eww. Soon, Esau gives Richard his marching orders: walk due west until you reach the statue. "Your ship smashed through it on its way inland -- broke it into pieces. That's where you'll find the devil." Now, there is much disagreement about whether or not a wooden ship could smash a stone statue. It seems to have become the fandom's own version of Rock, Paper, Scissors, but no one can agree on the frigging rules, so here's how I see it: the statue is ancient; it probably was assembled in pieces; the wave was tremendous (enough to carry the ship far inland), and it also hit the statue.

Esau unwraps a beautiful dagger -- the one Dogen gave Sayid when he sent him to slay Faucke. Esau's instructions to Richard are the same, too. "You'll only have one chance. Put this through his chest. Do not hesitate. Do not let him say a word. If he speaks, it will already be too late. He can be very persuasive."

Richard laughs. "How can I kill him with this? He is black smoke." Esau says, "No. I am." He then lies to tells Richard Isabella wasn't running from him (Esau); she was running from him (i.e. the "devil"; Jacob) "You aren't the only one who's lost something, my friend. The devil betrayed me. He took my body -- my humanity." Richard: "You -- you killed the officers on the ship." Esau: "I'm not the one you need to worry about. The devil has your wife and you have to kill him if you ever want to get her back." Richard shakes his head. "Murder is wrong. That is what brought me here." Esau says they can debate right and wrong all day, but the question before him will not change. "Do you ever want to see your wife again?" Richard: "Yes, I do." Esau hands him the knife, pats him on the shoulder, and takes his leave.

Richard treks through the jungle, finally arriving at Four-Toes Beach. With Esau's dagger at the ready, he marches toward Tawaret's ruins. It's then that Jacob ambushes him and kicks the Craphole out of him. Jacob is not his usual, laconic self when he finally disarms Richard demands to know what he's doing there. He's enraged -- vengeful. Richard will not be distracted from his personal mission, even if he can't carry out Esau's. "Where's my wife?" Jacob doesn't know her, doesn't even know that she didn't come on the ship. When Richard tells Jacob Isabella is dead, Jacob says, "Then why are you asking me where she is? Did you meet a man in the jungle, dressed in black?" Richard confesses that he did, and that that man told Richard that Jacob was the devil and that the only way for him to see his wife again was to kill Jacob. Jacob says, "That wasn't your wife." Richard insists it was. "She's dead, just like me." He won't listen when Jacob tells him he's not dead, so Richard throws the knife down in the sand, drags Richard to his feet, and into the water, where he forcefully baptizes immerses him, four times. Once Richard admits that he wants to live, Jacob tells him that's the first sensible thing he's said, and drags him out of the water. "What's your name?" Richard: "Ricardo." Jacob: "Get up. We need to talk." Commercial.


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