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Is Richard Alpert... Myth-taken?

Richard finds his way back to Esau and gives him a familiar looking white rock on Jacob's behalf. Esau warns Richard that if he goes with Jacob, he'll never again be with his wife. "I understand. He can be very convincing." What and how did he talk you into, Smokey? He doesn't answer me. Instead, he tells Richard: "I want you to know, if you ever change your mind, and I mean ever, my offer still stands." That shines a different light on Faucke telling Richard that people seldom get a second chance. Anyhow, when Richard doesn't respond, Esau adds, "I have something for you. You must have dropped it." When Richard opens his hand, he finds Isabella's cross. "I found it on the ship." Of course you did. And then you used that, rather than her corpse, to create your little Isabella illusion, didn't you? Richard smiles down at the cross, and when he looks back up, the Man in Black has disappeared. Tearfully, Richard buries the cross near what looks to be the base of an old altar. He waters its grave with his tears, says, "Goodbye, my love," and hopefully goes off to bathe. We cut to...

NOW; Day: Richard trudges through jungle to the cross's resting place and digs it up. He says, in his modern voice, with no accent, "I've changed my mind." When nothing happens he looks up and says, "Are you listening to me? I've changed my mind." He rises to his feet. "I was wrong. You said I could change my mind. You said the offer would stand. Does the offer still stand?" He shouts: "DOES THE OFFER STILL STAND? DOES THE OFFER STILL STAND?" At the sound of footsteps, Richard turns to find Hurley approaching. "What offer, dude?" Richard asks, "What the hell are you doing out here? Did you follow me?" When Hurley says, "Well kinda," Richard hollers at him to get out. Finally, Hurley tells him to calm down. "Your wife sent me. [...] Isabella. She wants to know why you buried her cross." Richard: "How do you know about that?" Hurley: "'Cause she just told me. [...] She saw you dig it up, man. She's standing right next to you." And then... she is.

Richard who cannot see his wife, doesn't believe Hurley at first, but thanks to our super-duper Hurley-vision, we know it's the truth. Hurley insists that Isabella is right there. In Spanish, Isabella tells Hurley that Richard doesn't believe her. In Spanish, Hurley replies that sometimes, it takes people a while. Richard turns right to where Isabella is, and softly repeats that he doesn't see her. In Spanish, Isabella tells Hurley to tell Richard that his English is magnifico. Hurley: "She's right there. She says your English is awesome." Even though he can't see her, Richard looks back to where Isabella is, and asks (in Spanish), "Are you really here?" Isabella (in Spanish): "Close your eyes." Hurley says, "She wants you to close your eyes." Recognition flashes across Richard's face as Hurley adds, "It's okay. I'll tell you what she says." Richard looks back to Isabella's spot and closes his eyes. Isabella continues to speak Spanish to Hurley, who speaks in Spanish to Richard. Here's the English: "It wasn't your fault I died, Ricardo. As much as you wanted to save me, it was my time." As Richard cries, Isabella touches his face. "You've suffered enough, Ricardo." Absolution, granted. Richard sobs and says, "I miss you. I would do anything for us to be together again." Isabella: "Mm, my love, we are already together." She kisses his cheek. When the camera changes angles, she is gone.

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