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Way down in the hole
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Two minutes worth of "previously on Lost" scenes! I've never seen that much outside of 24.

Ultra-brief recap of the opening scenes: "WALT!" "DAD!" "MIKE!" "KATE!"

We pick up moments after we left off with the guys on the raft. Sawyer's sputtering in the water, we hear Walt screaming in the distance and Michael (time to retire "Mercutio," I think, because I was kind of confused at first when Sawyer was yelling "Mike!") is yelling "Waaaaaaallllllt! WAAAAAALLLLLLT!" over and over again, so not too much line memorization for Harold Perrineau this week. The raft is scattered all over the water, and what there is of it is on fire, except for one piece that Sawyer swims to, yelling for this "Mike" person, who, in between yells of "Walt!", seems to be drowning. Sawyer reaches into the water and hauls a rapidly sinking Michael out of the water and onto the raftlet. Michael's unconscious, so Sawyer starts thumping him on the chest really hard, because there's no watery death that can't be improved by a set of cracked ribs.

Quickly, now, over to the hatch-hole, where the bright light that came on when Kate got hauled in last week shuts off, and a concerned Locke starts yelling Kate's name over and over again. When no answer is forthcoming, Locke grabs the rope and starts to descend into the hatch, and the opening scenes lasted barely longer than the "previously on" scenes.

Sawyer is still doing his best to drive his hands actually inside Michael's chest. Then he tries for a little more traditional CPR, which does the trick, with Michael sputtering and coming to and saying, "Walt!" adding, "Where is he? Where the hell's my son?" before collapsing on the raftlet.

Flashback to Michael in a lawyer's office, with said lawyer being portrayed by the great Saul Rubinek, who will be sorely underused in this episode. Michael's got a cane, which Saul asks about, and Michael explains that he got hit by a car. Through the window, in the distance, we can see the Twin Towers, easy to miss if you're focused on the scene between Michael and the lawyer. Small talk out of the way ("got any hobbies? Like any sports teams?"), Saul says he's got the paperwork that Michael's ex-wife sent over, and Michael is quick to point out that she's not his ex-wife, she's just Walt's mother. I'm sure Saul's thinking, "Well, this is shaping up to be amicable." Michael explains that Susan just got a job in Rome, and she and her boyfriend want to take Walt with them. "Well, don't worry, I'm going to take good care of you, Mr. Don," and Michael pulls a "this guy can't be any good if he can't get my name right" face and says his last name is "Dawson." Saul stops. "Right. Sorry. Dawson." Glancing through the paperwork, Saul asks about the boyfriend, Bryan Porter, saying Susan's asking Michael to relinquish his parental rights. "She wants me to sign my son away?" asks Michael, incredulous. Saul explains that that's the only way Susan and Bryan can proceed with the adoption. Michael's all, the a-what-ion? Saul very carefully explains that Michael would be giving up all his parental rights, and Walt wouldn't be any different, in a legal sense, from any other kid Michael passes on the street. Michael wants to know if there's anything he can do to stop them, and Saul half-heartedly says he could file an injunction, and Michael's all, yeah, yeah, let's do that injunction thing.

Saul appraises Michael a moment before saying that the fact Michael walked through his doors tells him something: that Saul is the best Michael can afford. Saul might want to take this shining can-do attitude into court, it'll do wonders with the judge. "If we go forward, it's going to take money. A lot of it, even at my rates." Michael starts to wonder if it would be bad form to ask Susan to pay his legal bills the way she's doing with his medical bills. (And his telephone bills? And his "automo-bills," whatever those are.) Saul compares the situation to David and Goliath (well, David won, so nice analogy there), and asks if Michael's sure he wants to go ahead with this. Michael leans forward and says, "They're not taking my son away."

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