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It don't mean a thing if Sun ain't got that ring
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Sun and Claire are alone on the beach. It looks like they're doing the washing, so how nice of them to give Rose a day off. Sun's staring at the sea, at the waves crashing against the rocks. "It's been four days," she says, which gives you an idea of how slowly time is moving on this show. This is the fifth episode of the season, and they've moved four days since last year's season finale. Claire picks up on Sun being worried about Jin, and she assures her that "they say it can take up to two weeks to find the current." Who, exactly, is "they" in this case? The blown-up Dr. Arse, I suppose. Claire's in the middle of trying to reassure Sun by saying that "Michael knew what he was doing," but what she is basing that on I have no idea, and Sun takes no notice anyway because she was looking at her hand and has become frantic. She starts looking around, until Claire finally asks what her problem is. "My wedding ring! It's gone!" Run out of ideas? Are they stealing plotlines from Everybody Loves Raymond now?

We flashback to a jewelry box overflowing with gems. Sun's hands seek out a ruby hair pin. She checks it in the mirror, then puts it on. She's wrapping a scarf around her neck to go with her, uh, beigey cream dress that she has on, and her mother strolls up, holding another dress, and says, in Korean, "You're not planning on wearing that, are you?" I should point out that Sun looks really nice, far nicer than I ever look whenever I get asked that question. And I get asked that question an awful lot (fortunately, although it took me a while, I learned what the proper answer is). Sun asks what's wrong with what she's wearing, but her mom doesn't answer, as she's now noticed the black high heels Sun was planning to wear. She hauls them away, despite Sun's protests, and brings back a pair of white -- I want to say flats, because they're certainly not heels, and that's what flats are, right? Or are they pumps? Or are pumps and flats the same thing? ["Flats are flat; think ballet slipper. The shoes Sun's mother brought out are low-heeled shoes." -- Sars] The reason Mom's traded the heels for these is, "He might be shorter than you." Sun sits down on the end of her bed, exasperated. She calls this "ridiculous," but what's ridiculous to her mom is that Sun went to college and didn't even come back with a husband, forcing them to use a matchmaker! "I went to college to get a degree," says Sun. "And after four years of college, you're 'silver,'" says her mother, by which she means Sun has…grey hairs now? I don't see them. But the look of horror on her mom's face is generally reserved for more serious ailments, like say an alien bursting from your abdomen. "Don't you want to find a husband before you turn 'bronze'?" she asks, and she's completely lost me by this point.

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