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It don't mean a thing if Sun ain't got that ring

Back on the beach, Sun is sitting alone, probably not wanting to be annoyed by other lostaways' stupid stories about loss and nickel-pooping dogs. So she must be thrilled when Kate strolls up and sits next to her. Kate looks at the water. "It's pretty," she says. And speaking of pretty, Hurley told her Sun lost her wedding ring. "I was just sitting here telling myself it's silly to be so upset about it. It is just a thing," she says. Funny, I can't imagine that argument working for me with my wife should I ever lose mine. Kate assumes -- correctly, as it turns out -- that Sun is stressing more about the marriage that the ring represents: "Well, they've only been gone a few days, and…" Sun interrupts her to say that she's sick of everyone saying Jin's all right, because he's not: "Claire found the bottle, the one with the messages inside. The one from the raft." And Kate looks concerned, because she's found something more important to worry about: herself. "Where is it?" she asks. "I buried it," says Sun. Oh, so you do remember that you buried it, Sun? You do remember that you were digging in the dirt with your bare hands? You haven't forgotten that? Just wondering.

Ana-Lucia's leading the trek through the jungle, Sawyer bringing up the rear. He's clearly exhausted, and sits down. Ana-Lucia halts the procession, takes Cindy's water, and brings it to him. "You keep slowing us down, we're going to leave you behind." And this is amazing, but this is the nicest thing she's said on this show yet. "Go ahead, leave me behind," says Sawyer, so Ana-Lucia says, "See ya!" and strolls away, but Sawyer asks how they're going to find the Gallant camp without him, now that her tracker's gone. Quite simple, actually: "Walk across the island, follow the beaches. And Eko's coming back." So then Sawyer asks if she's married, like, of all the questions our heroes should be asking these people, Sawyer wants to find out the marital status of the woman who's been beating on him the last couple of episodes. She says she isn't, and he says, "Too bad, you seem suited for it," and she says it's "funny," even though it isn't really, and when she asks him and he tells her he isn't married, she asks if he's gay, and he laughs and says that's funny. Even though it isn't really. So he gets up and says, "Let's go. What are we waiting for?" And Ana-Lucia smirks in his general direction.

Jin and Eko have found a stream, so they crouch down for some water and personal hygiene attention. Eko looks around, then tells Jin to wait there: "We lost his trail. I'll go back and find it." He leaves, and Jin continues washing his face, (and his hair!), until we see Michael's orange shirt in the foreground. "What are you doing? Go back!" he tells Jin. "Michael!" says Jin, and Michael tells him again, a little more urgently, to go back, and he runs off. Jin runs after him, splashing across the stream.

Michael's running around, yelling Walt's name. Jin's running behind, saying Michael's name. Mike tells him again to go back, saying that he's not leaving with Walt. "Walt! I'm here! Where are you, man?" We've arrived at a waterfall, and Jin tries to quiet the screaming Michael. "What, you worried they're going to hear me? Let them take me! Come! Come take me!" Hey, Michael, there's a little shrubbery in the corner you left unchewed. Mistereko, who didn't need to be a great tracker to follow the sound of Michael's bellowing, comes running up. "Shouting is not a good idea. You need to come back with us now." He approaches Michael, who lifts up his stick. Good stance, bat off the shoulder. Jin watches. Eko speaks calmly: "I know they took your son. But you have no idea what these people are capable of -- and they will not be found if they don't want to be." Michael starts to break down: "They took him right out of my hands. Right out of my hands! I'm not going back without him." Eko says nothing. Jin clasps a hand on Michael's shoulder, and haltingly says, "You find Walt, Michael," meaning, presumably, that Michael will find Walt. Michael seems to accept this, and he lowers his stick, and the three of them leave.

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