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It don't mean a thing if Sun ain't got that ring

Back on the beach, Sun digs up the bottle, and Kate asks to see it. Sun hands it over, and Kate shakes the messages out, and starts frantically looking through them, to Sun's dismay. "Kate! Those are private! Kate, stop! What are you doing?" Kate stops. "We didn't, uh…I didn't say goodbye." Sun's eyes are wide. "Sawyer?" she says. Oh, great, we're back to the Kate-and-Jack/Kate-and-Sawyer dilemma again. She didn't seem to be missing Sawyer so much when she was giving the good doctor an eyeful in the shower. Kate looks down, and starts to smile. "Sun?" she says, and nods her head towards the ground. Sun follows her gaze, and there, in the sand -- you're never going to believe this -- is her ring. Sun starts to cry -- part happy, part sad -- while Kate laughs. And I know that there's been a lot of discussion about Yunjin Kim acting circles around Evangeline Lilly in this scene, and I know I've made comments about Kate looking perpetually perplexed, but I think an ensemble cast at the level of a network television show is a lot like a hockey team. Non-hockey fans, bear with me. You know how, on any given team, there're the tough guys and enforcers? Those guys are really good hockey players, but next to the Forsbergs and the Iginlas and the Lecavaliers, they don't appear to be anything special. And this is what a lot of men don't understand, and why so many of us harbor the fantasy that we could, if we hit the treadmill a little more often, fill the role of that enforcer, that guy on the team who's the worst player. But the guy who's the worst player on any given NHL team probably scored 60 goals a season in junior and would be the Gretzky of any rec league in the country. And I think it goes for acting, too. I think there are a few cast members on this show (relative newcomers to the business) who maybe don't have the range of some of the others -- the O'Quinns, the Kims, the Dae Kims, the Foxes, but are still really good -- and if they were in your local production of The Music Man, you'd be all, "Holy shit! That Evangeline Lilly is amazing!" You know? And it's the work and the experience of a show like this and the acting opposite the O'Quinns that turns the rookies into great actors. Besides, she's from Alberta. So STEP OFF. Anyway.

Quick shot of Jin, Michael, and Mistereko walking through the jungle (mainly a shot of Jin).

Flashback to Jin, changed out of his doorman's uniform, walking along a river embankment. He sees some destitute man being rebuffed in his request for change from a couple sitting by the river. He watches the homeless man, clearly figuring that this is the fate to befall him. And you know Jin is distressed because his shirt is untucked on one side. He strolls along, and is passed by a beautiful woman in an orange dress. He turns to look at her as she passes, and starts to smile. As he turns back, he bumps into Sun, who drops her purse. He helps her gather up the spilled contents, and they straighten up, and their eyes lock. Sun's expression clearly says, "Oh, hel-LO!" Jin starts smiling and can't stop, and Sun starts smiling too.

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