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It don't mean a thing if Sun ain't got that ring

Sun says she'll find a husband when the time is right, and her mom says Sun's father has decided the time is right now. Sun doesn't appear to think so.

Meanwhile, in a presumably far seedier part of town, Jin is getting dressed while his friend examines some sort of Korean chart thing and tells Jin that this year, love will find him. Jin, tying a necktie, says, "Well, if the destiny book says it, it must be true." He's being sarcastic, so his friend says his grandfather used it to find a wife: "It never fails." All right, says Jin: "What's she look like, so I'll know when I see her?" So his buddy takes a ruler to do whatever with the so-called "destiny book," and says "orange," which makes no sense to Jin (interestingly enough, Korean for "orange" appears to be "orange"). "I can't take care of a woman," says Jin. "I can barely take care of myself." Jin's buddy suggests letting a woman take care of him. "That's not what a man does," says Jin, like he's getting ready to be on the Korean Maury Povich show. "A man needs a goal in life. He works harder than anyone. He gets promoted. Then he'll be respected -- not like the son of a fisherman." He looks absolutely disgusted when he says this last bit. His buddy, clearly worried about hearing yet another diatribe from Jin about being a fisherman's son, tells him it's just a job interview. "A very important job interview," corrects Jin, before coming over to ask his buddy how he looks. It's just for show. Daniel Dae Kim knows he looks good.

Jin's buddy notices Jin forgot to cut the tag off the tie. "Are you kidding? If I cut it off, how can I return it? This tie cost a fortune!" says Jin. He's crafty. But that's nothing. I once wore a new pair of jeans that still had that long sticker down the leg with the waist and inseam measurement on it. And it was a date where I was meeting her friends, too. As Jin puts on his jacket, his buddy asks, "What should I do if love calls?" Courtney? Don't pick up. Jin pauses at the door before smiling and saying, "Tell it to wait," and heads out.

Back on Craphole Island, a scarred, weather-beaten, long-haired Jin sits in the Goofus hatch-hole, lost in thought. Michael looks around, sees the other survivors (there are five of them: Ana-Lucia, Otherbisi, Bernard, Libby, and the other woman whose name we don't know) talking. He scoots over to Jin and says, "Sun? You'll be with her again. Soon." Jin perks up at the sound of Sun's name, but likely doesn't know what Michael's saying. I'm sure the intended reassurance is coming through, though. He nods and smiles as best he can.

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