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It don't mean a thing if Sun ain't got that ring

Next, Michael wakes up Sawyer, points to the others, and says it looks like they're trying to decide what to do with our heroes. "I think they're gonna eat us," says Sawyer. Look, just because you suggested that to them...

Ana-Lucia comes over, so Sawyer, you might want to cover your crotchal area. She tells them to get up, as they're moving out. Michael stands up. "Moving out where?" he asks. Ana-Lucia tells them they're going to help get food and water. Jin and Sawyer stand up, with Sawyer asking if they work for Ana-Lucia now. She explains that they're going to help because they have a long walk ahead of them. "A long walk where?" ask Sawyer. "Back to where you came from," says Ana-Lucia. You'd think that they'd be happy about that, but everything Ana-Lucia says sounds like a threat.

So Ana-Lucia leads them out of the Goofus hatch after checking to make sure they're clear. As they file out, Sawyer whispers to Mike that they should "stage a prison break" in what might be a lame inside joke regarding Otherbisi. Michael, however, wants to find out what's going on before he makes any decisions. Ana-Lucia comes back to inform them that when they're gathering food and water they're to travel in pairs, move as fast as they can, and not make any noise. Michael asks her what's going on that they're so on edge. Here's a better question: "Libby told me that there were twenty-three of you. I can't help but notice that there are now five of you. What up with that?" Ana-Lucia snaps that maybe they can swap stories on the road. We get it, you're a tough customer. Otherbisi says he's going to go scout ahead, and Ana-Lucia orders "Cindy" to go with him. Libby's assignment is to gather fruit. "Take him with you," says Ana-Lucia, gesturing to Michael. "His name is Michael," says Libby. She's risking a rock in the head for Michael already? Fortunately, Ana-Lucia says, "Yeah. Right. Michael," and manages not to spit every syllable. Sawyer doesn't want Michael to go, but Michael says it'll be fine. He's basing that on what, now? Ana-Lucia and Bernard are going fishing, the mention of which brightens Jin right up. "Fish," he says, pointing at himself. "The man knows how to fish," says Sawyer, so Ana-Lucia agrees to take Jin with them.

Back on the island, Sun…yawn…searches for her ring. Jack notices her looking and asks if she's okay. "I lost my wedding ring!" she whines. I can't believe they didn't put any scenes of this scintillating plot in the previews last week. Jack thinks for a moment, presumably wondering how he can make this about him, and then strolls over to ask when the last time she saw it was. "I'm so used to it, I don't…I don't know," she says. So Jack sits down and says, "Well, I lost my wedding ring once," so you just know this is going to be a useful story. "It's crazy where you'll look when you want to find something bad enough," he says. Yeah, like looking in the garbage. Crazay! Jack even took apart the pipes in the bathroom. Sun asks what his wife said, and Jack says she never knew. How's that? "I went to a jeweler and had a replica made, that's how," he says, laughing. NICE REASSURING STORY, YOU JACKHOLE. How can you make this worse? Oh, yeah, the ring is now just rattling around your sock drawer because your wife is dead. Hope this helps, Sun! He offers to help her look, and she politely declines, saying she's sure it'll turn up.

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