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It don't mean a thing if Sun ain't got that ring

Over on the other side of the island, Bernard and Ana-Lucia are flailing around uselessly with a fishing net, while a little ways down Jin has found himself a little spiny sea creature. He's plucking the spines out and throwing them into the water, so you know this is going to be some initially confusing Miyagi-esque technique that produces great results. First, though, Ana-Lucia snaps at him, telling him to help them if he wants to eat. Jin shakes his head, says something in Korean. Ana-Lucia does that loud, over-enunciation thing you do when you're an asshole and you're talking to someone you think is stupid because they don't speak English: "Does it look like I speak Korean?" she yells. No, but you're clearly fluent in Ugly American. Jin casts his net upon the waters and draws it in, filled with some sort of red fish. "Fish," he says pointedly at Ana-Lucia, who is now all smiles. Bernard could stand to look a little more impressed, though. Guess he was hoping for more candy.

Flashback to Jin's interview. His prospective employer examines the resume, notes Jin worked at the Asiana Hotel as a busboy. "I became a waiter, sir," says Jin, and this is a big deal because the prospective employer here knows that this particular hotel doesn't usually promote from within. "I believe I was one of the few exceptions," says Jin, careful not to sound too proud during his interview. The manager changes gears, asks Jin what village he's from. Jin's surprised, but the manager says Jin's obviously not from the city and asks again, not unpleasantly, what village Jin is from. "Namhae. On the South Coast," says Jin. A slight smile from the manager. "No wonder," he says. "I thought I smelled fish on you." This doesn't sound like a job interview so much as a junior-high locker room. The manager's now come out from behind the desk to sit on the front of it, facing Jin, who's still processing that "smelled fish on you" remark when the manager reaches forward quickly and yanks the price tag off Jin's tie. "This was sticking out," he says. Jin's mouth says "thank you" but his eyes say, "Shit, I'm going to be living on Top Ramen for months if I can't return this tie." But he doesn't have to worry, because the manager picks up the phone and tells someone, "Mr. Kwon will be joining us." To Jin he says, "You will start immediately. You work rain or shine. You don't ask for a raise or time off." A flunky comes in with a uniform, which you'd think Ebenezer here would say will be deducted from Jin's first paycheque. Instead, he just lectures Jin on the Seoul Gateway being one of the finest hotels in the country. He leans forward, points a finger at Jin. "Do not open the door for people like you," he says. Again, Jin's unsure how to react, but he finally stammers out a "yes sir" and an "I understand" and promises to do his best. Yeah, this is going to end well.

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