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It don't mean a thing if Sun ain't got that ring

Back on the other side of the island, Libby and Michael are making their way through the jungle. She apologizes to him for throwing him and his friends into the pit. Michael chuckles, and I assumed that it was because it wasn't like Libby had a whole lot to do with them being thrown in the pit, but he's chuckling at Sawyer and Jin being called his friends, before he allows that one of them is his friend. "I'm guessing not the redneck," says Libby. Check. "I don't think I've ever seen someone so scared in my life," she says. No mirrors in your little hatch-hole? Oh wait, she adds: "And I know about scared." Michael asks if that's why the others threw them in the pit. Well, that and the "trust issues," says Libby. And here we go again, with the conversation just on the verge of TELLING US SOMETHING and Michael instead asks where all the fruit is. Libby suggests trying the ground, as the trees have been picked pretty clean. Michael proposes going inland, as that's where all the fruit is on their side of the island, but Libby says they don't go that way. Michael asks why. "Because that's where they come from," she says. Michael gazes off into the bush. You're so close, Michael. You're almost there! Just keep asking questions! Just…aw, crap.

Back at the hatch-hole entrance, Sawyer is, surprise, sitting on his ass while Bernard, Ana-Lucia, Cindy, and Jin wrap up the food. Suddenly, a huge metallic object stabs into the wood right by his head. It's Otherbisi, offering Sawyer a homemade machete for protection. We have got to get Locke and Otherbisi together. Sawyer asks Otherbisi his name. Otherbisi considers his answer, then says (and I'm going by the closed captionining here), "Mistereko," and Sawyer says, "Mr. Eko?" (again, the closed captioning) and Mistereko looks amused and says yes. "So what's that, like Mr. Ed?" says Sawyer, who really doesn't have to antagonize and alienate everyone he meets.

Libby comes running back into the clearing to announce that Michael took off. Ana-Lucia says they're moving out now, but Sawyer isn't having it. "Your buddy ran off into the jungle," she snaps. Jin starts talking excitedly, so Bernard asks what he's saying. Yeah, because Sawyer is likely to speak Korean, Bernard. Finally, Jin says, "Walt! Walt!" a couple of times. Holy shit! Jin speaks English!

So anyway, they're moving out. Ana-Lucia asks Libby to carry the radio. Sawyer's all, radio? "Does it work? Can you use it?" "Wow, what a great idea," snaps Ana-Lucia, so here we are in another little conversational cul-de-sac because the radio is discussed no further. Ana-Lucia asks Sawyer if he and Jin are going to slow them down. Jin sees what's going on. "Michael!" he says indignantly. "We're leaving before he can tell them where we are," she says. Okay, Jin's not sensing a whole lot of sympathy from Ana-Lucia, so he tries Sawyer instead. "Michael!" he says, lifting his eyebrows as if to say, "You know, your fellow survivor and shipmate?" Sawyer looks pained, but he says, "What are we supposed to do, wait for him? He ain't coming back without his kid." See, there's another issue, Sawyer. Maybe you could help with that? Instead, he tries to make Jin understand that he doesn't believe Michael's even going to find Walt. "In case you haven't noticed, it's every man for himself, Chewie." Mistereko takes this in, not looking super-impressed. Jin either, as Sawyer says, "Mike's gotta worry about Mike. And I gotta worry about me." You know, Sawyer, Michael shot a shark to save your ass, when he might have saved the bullets to look out for himself. I'm just saying. Jin gets the gist of Sawyer's selfishness, and starts to stomp off, but he's stopped by Mistereko, who even says "please"! So Jin hauls off and hits him, and it's about as effective as punching B.A. Baracus, and just like B.A. would, Otherbisi head-butts Jin, knocking him to the ground. Jin's in a lot of pain, but he gets up anyway, all Cool Hand Luke, and glares defiantly at Mistereko. Mistereko's got several inches and probably eighty pounds on him, but he sees something in Jin's determination, so he stands aside. Jin starts to head down the path, but Mistereko tells him he's going the wrong way, and he points in the opposite direction, says that's where Michael's going. Jin starts off again, and Mistereko hands him a hockey-stick-looking club thing, and starts to follow him. Ana-Lucia asks him what he's doing, and Mistereko says that he's going to help him find his friend. "We can't wait for you," she says. "I don't expect you to," he replies. He leaves, Ana-Lucia seething in his general direction.

Oh good, more on the lost ring. Sun's talking to Hurley. I don't want to start a whole thing here, but shouldn't she bring Charlie in on the ring quest? Hurley says she just needs to retrace her steps, and asks what she was doing yesterday. She says she was hanging out with Shannon and that they picked some fruit, and cut it up to give to Vincent. "Whoa, you fed the dog?" Sun nods. "Bingo!" says Hurley. Oh, gross.

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