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It don't mean a thing if Sun ain't got that ring

Cut to Hurley and Sun sitting on a log, watching Vincent sniffing along the ground. Hurley starts making with the small talk: "So, Seoul. Is that in the good Korea or the bad one?" Sun's "are you kidding me?" expression kills me. After a moment, she says, "The good one." Hurley asks if she went to the Olympics. Presumably so he won't drain his Korea references well dry by next asking if she ever watches M*A*S*H, she just says it's ridiculous that they're "waiting here for..." She gestures at Vincent, can't even say what they're waiting for. "The dog did not eat my ring," she says. "Dude, dogs will eat anything," he says, and then he starts talking about the dog he had as a kid, Buster, who apparently went after some Smarties in his change drawer, and he goes on, and I hope to never hear the phrase "craps out $1.35 in nickels" ever again. Although I will say that chocolate is really bad for dogs, so Hurley's kind of lucky even to get his change back.

The other thing here is that I've always been under the impression that Smarties were a Canadian thing. And I wasn't sure that Hurley would have even been able to have them as a kid. And at the very least, way back when he was making small talk with "Ethan Rom" of Ontario, he should have been able to think of something good about Canada. So in checking this out, I've learned this, and had one source of Canadian pride destroyed. Thanks, Lost! ["Not to add insult to injury here, but -- Hurley's probably actually talking about these Smarties. The ones in the U.S. aren't chocolate." -- Sars]

So anyway, Sun's not to sure what to say after another pointless story that doesn't help her whatsoever. Hurley finally asks if she ever had a dog. "Yes. Jin gave me one. A puppy." Hurley asks the puppy's name. "Bpo Bpo," she says. Hurley asks if that means anything. "Yes, it means a kiss," she says, and I think it's safe to assume we're heading into flashback.

Sun's getting out of a car with her mother, who's busy lecturing her on all the ways she's supposed to subjugate herself in order to be more attractive with her potential future husband: "Keep your hands in your lap, okay? In fact, don't speak unless they ask you a direct question." Sun looks understandably unimpressed with this whole thing. The matchmaker's there, and she begins praising Sun and talking up the match: "Isn't she a beauty!" Well, that's true. "You're going to love him! He's handsome, well-educated, and his family owns this hotel and twelve others." They stride past the doorman, who's bowing so we can't see his face, and he greets them and welcomes them to the Seoul Gateway. They pass by, and he straightens up, smiling. Oh, Jin. Will you ever meet your future wife? Well, yes. Yes, you totally will.

Sun sits, looking miserable, at the table with Jae Lee, who's bald, like Harry on Sex and the City bald, while her mother sucks up about what a lovely hotel this is. Jae Lee gives Sun the once-over while his mom says Sun's mom is too kind. She mentions Sun going to Seoul National University (go, Pandas!), and Mrs. Paik says, "Yes, but it's certainly no Harvard!" like, NICE, not that I could really make out what she was saying, what with her lips planted firmly on Mrs. Lee's butt. So the matchmaker suggests that the old hens leave the kiddies alone so they can get to know each other, which they do. Given the destiny book's prediction earlier, it might be worth pointing out the orange juice on the table. After they leave, Jae pleasantly asks who's pressuring Sun more -- her mother or her father. Sun smiles and says, "Definitely my father…via my mother." She asks Jae the same. "My father, via my mother… via my aunt…via my grandmother…" and they share a laugh, and then they start discussing what each other studied in school. Sun: art history. Jae: medieval Russian literature, but somehow he ended up in hotel management. Sun half-smiles. "Yeah, somehow," she says, and Jae has a good laugh. Guess that happens when your family owns thirteen of the damn things. Probably better-paying than dead Russian writers, too. Jae says he usually dreads these setups, but "today is…different." Sun looks at him, with big, dark eyes. "Yes, for me too," she says, and she can't stop smiling. I have to say I assumed, since we know Sun and Jin wind up together, that the setup would be completely wrong for Sun. Unfortunately, by the end of the episode, that's resolved, so the easy way out was still taken, but at least it was a surprise.

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