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It don't mean a thing if Sun ain't got that ring

Back on Craphole Island, Mistereko and Jin are walking through the jungle while the cinematographer justifies the shooting location, and likely helps boost Hawaii tourism while he's at it, with the majestic tree-covered hills shrouded in fog behind them. They make their way into a clearing, where they stop for a moment. Jin hears rustling off to the left, and takes off into the bush, despite Mistereko's protests. "Michael!" says Jin, urgently, and keeps going.

Then he stops, looks around, hears rustling, sees the bushes moving, and suddenly he's charged by a CGI boar, knocking him to the ground and rolling him down a hill. Stunned, he groggily gets up, before being surprised by a dead body with a stake sticking out of its chest. The sound effect guys throw in the ol' "decay signified by buzzing flies" standby while Jin looks nauseated. Mistereko strolls up. "His name was Goodwin," he says. The screen goes white, and in black lettering it says "Goodwin. 1968-2004." Jin looks like he's going to throw up, but he takes his hand off his mouth long enough to point at the body and quietly say, "Others?" Mistereko nods grimly. Thing about that is, would Mistereko's group attach the same significance to that specific word? Wouldn't it be more likely that Mistereko thinks Jin's asking if there are others like Goodwin? Well, come to think of it, I suppose a grim nod is an appropriate response anyway.

Back from commercial, Mistereko crouches by a plant. Jin thinks maybe he's found a sign of Michael, but he's just breaking off a piece of aloe that he gives Jin for his cut. Then he sits down. Noticing the ring on Jin's hand, Mistereko asks if he's married, making himself understood by indicating the ring. "You have a wife?" "Yes. You?" says Jin, taking Mistereko's proffered water skin and taking a drink. "Worse," says Mistereko. Jin's let off the no-follow-up-questions hook, given that he probably has no idea what Mistereko just said. After a moment, Mistereko asks what Jin's wife's name is, and Jin tells him. "She was with you? On the plane?" Mistereko holds his hand out flat, mimics a plane taking off. Jin nods.

Back in her garden, Sun's searching among the freshly tended plants. Nothing's turning up, so she freaks out and starts ripping out plants and throwing them around, before finally sitting down in a heap, wailing and crying. Here comes Locke, who'll hopefully say something cryptic and not at all helpful.

"Bad day?" he says, and Sun just keeps sobbing. Locke takes off his backpack, pulls a rag from his back pocket, and hands it to her. "It's clean," he says. Sure it's not stained with Boone's blood? She thanks him, and he asks if she minds if he sits down, and she motions for him to do so. "Did you see me?" she asks, calming down. "Rip apart your garden? No," he says, and she bursts out giggling. "Sometimes I wish I had a garden to tear apart," he says, whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. Sun says she doesn't think she's ever seen him angry. Locke laughs. "Oh, I used to get angry all the time. Frustrated, too." Oh, not frustrated too! "You are not frustrated anymore?" she asks. "I'm not lost anymore," he says. Sun asks how he did that. "Same way anything lost gets found -- I stopped looking," he says. Hey, that makes no sense! Thanks, Locke!

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