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It don't mean a thing if Sun ain't got that ring

Back on Michael Hunt, Jin's veering off when Mistereko calls him back over, crouching by a footprint: "This is fresh." He looks up, pointing. "These tracks." "Michael," says Jin. He has as many ways of saying that as Hurley has of saying "Dude." "Yes, Michael," says Mistereko. "They don't leave tracks." He gets up and walks off, Jin following.

In the jungle, Mistereko stops for a moment, looking and listening, motioning for Jin to stop as well. Jin says something, and Mistereko ignores him. Jin comes closer, says it again, but Mistereko slaps his hand over Jin's mouth and shushes him, his eyes wide.

The camera slowly pans across the jungle brush, the only sound birds chirping, and eventually comes to rest on Jin and Mistereko, hiding among some plants, crouched, watching and waiting. Presently we see a silent parade of barefoot filthy people -- we only see their legs from the knee down. Some are wearing pants, some aren't. Their footsteps only make the slightest of sounds, almost lost in the jungle cacophony. We appear to see the same pair of legs more than once, but I think that's due more to different perspectives and/or intentional misdirection on the part of the show rather than cheaping out on camera work. What appears to be the last one is carrying a teddy bear hanging on a string, which Mistereko and Jin watch as we go to commercial.

Mistereko and Jin slowly get up from their hiding place. "Michael," says Jin, and starts to follow the parade, but Mistereko stops him. "No, they don't have him." They walk out onto the trail, the better for Mistereko to point in various directions and say things that Jin doesn't understand. "They came from that way. Your friend went that way, crossed ahead of them. Very lucky." Mistereko wipes his mouth. Jin, whose Sun-authored rudimentary English textbook has paid great dividends, says, "You, go back. I go," but Mistereko won't let him. "We go together," he says. Awwww. I like Mistereko. He seems like a nice guy, plus he could pound the living shit out of me if I ever crossed him.

Flashback to the door of the Seoul Gateway, Jin busy opening doors and bowing at the various people passing through, including a pissed-off Sun walking out, passing by Jin as his upper torso is, once again, perfectly horizontal. And then he's accosted by a Symbol Of His Father The Poor Fisherman and Jin As A Young Boy together. Jin's Symbolic Father asks Jin if his son can use the bathroom, and the young man who reminds Jin of himself is accordingly hopping around bladder-burstingly while holding his crotch. Jin tells his Paternal Proxy that the hotel bathroom is for hotel guests only, and that there's a bathroom down the street. Then Jin asks the boy -- or Young Jin, because maybe time travel is possible -- if he can hold it, and the boy shakes his head, because when you are a boy you always know that you cannot possibly hold it, that you are moments away from unleashing a yellow tide on unsuspecting bystanders. Jin's Not Actual Father But For All Intents And Purposes Let's Call Him That pleads with Jin a little more, so Jin finally agrees, presumably worried that if this actually is himself as a young boy, doesn't want to damage the poor boy's plumbing, as that would have a Back to the Future-esque ripple effect and Present-Day Jin's kidneys would probably instantly explode. So he lets them in, telling them to be quick, but his boss is right there to lecture him about the people he's not supposed to let inside. Jin bows his head, apologizes. "Consider this your first warning," says Mr. Kim. Jin tries to plead his case that the little boy was actually him, and that if the kid should die of not being able to go to the bathroom, then Jin himself would have faded from existence, leaving the Seoul Gateway doorman-less, but Mr. Kim isn't interested: "He can piss in the gutter for all I care. You people are used to that." Would Mr. Kim really prefer that the boy had pissed outside the hotel? Kim tells Jin that if he wants to keep his job he should go find them and get them out of here. "Find" them? Psst, Jin: Try the bathroom.

But Jin, fortunately, has had enough, and he takes off his gloves and hat, to Mr. Kim's surprise, and stuffs them in his boss's hands. "Thank you for the opportunity, sir," he says, and walks off. He even quits jobs in disgust politely!

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