Born To Run

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Holy shit, how much did I miss last week? Sun's garden has gotten amazingly out of hand, with what looks like acres upon acres of corn, growing row on row. And not only that, but somebody discovered a car? Or possibly we're jumping right into the flashback this week. A green convertible drives through our shot, from up above, and, judging by the hair, it's driven by a blonde woman or someone from the band Poison. The car parks, and the woman gets out and opens the trunk, which looks empty until she lifts up where the spare tire well, which holds instead several license plates from various states, which she has apparently taken the trouble to fasten down, since they are arranged rather neatly. She selects one, and gets to work removing the Alaska one from the back of her car.

Behind her, a family checks out of a motel, which is right by a huge field, so maybe Kevin Costner built this right after the ball diamond. The cleaning woman wheels her tray of cleaning supplies down the walk, and after she goes into a room to make it up, Blondie strolls by (which means she took that plate off amazingly quickly), grabbing a couple of towels and some shampoo and darting into the just-vacated room, switching the "please make up as soon as possible" door-hanger over to the "please do not disturb" side.

Inside, Blondie -- and can I point out how annoying it is that the director has gone to such pains to avoid showing her face, when WE ALL KNOW it's Kate -- strips down to her bra and goes to work stripping the blonde from her hair, in a Janet Leigh-esque shower scene that doesn't end up with her getting stabbed. It ends with Blondie (now Brunettie) turning around so that we see that it's -- gasp -- actually Kate.

Kate walks into some hotel, I guess, and she's wearing these giant sunglasses that totally don't make her appear to have something to hide, and she tells the dude there that she's expecting a letter, "one for guest arrival" is what it sounds like she says, and she says her name is "Joan Hart" and the dude pulls out a box of letters and finds the one marked Joan Hart, and we get a quick shot of her new license plate, from Ohio, and you're like, "Why are you showing us this now?" and then you realize the state slogan is "The heart of it all," like, nice one, Kateser Soze.

Outside, Kate reads a letter that makes her cry a whole lot more than any letter has ever made me cry, especially one that also contained a bunch of twenty-dollar bills.

Kate's on the beach, playing with that toy plane that she killed a bunch of bank-robbing idiots to get, and if you were to ask yourself, "Who am I not in the mood to be annoyed by right now?" the answer would likely be Charlie, so that means you're out of luck, because he yells "platinum" from behind Kate, and he strolls up, unfortunately with his guitar strapped on, and he sits down and says he figures that Driveshaft's album sales probably spiked big time when everyone found out that he likely died in a catastrophic plane crash. He's so deluded. Is that really the reaction when someone from a one-hit wonder dies? Like, would you rush out looking for a Dexy's Midnight Runners album if that guy died in a plane crash? I'm guessing no. But Kate just indulges Charlie's fantasy of how insane it's going to be when he comes back. She takes this to mean he believes the raft will be successful. "Of course it'll work! Take a look at that thing! It's not a raft. They built a sodding boat!" says Charlie. And he blathers on about the rafters being picked up, then the helicopters coming, making them "eternally and ridiculously famous." In a surprising twist, Kate looks conflicted, which Charlie takes to mean that she doesn't want to be famous, and I guess Charlie's lone brain cell is completely preoccupied with plucking away on the guitar.

A commotion's brewing over at the raft, however, with some guy -- whom we haven't seen before, I don't think -- shouting at Mercutio. He's an older guy, kind of portly, and he looks dead familiar but I can't place him, so he's a Hey! It's That Guy!, but one in which I actually can't place, so I'm just going to say he was on Law & Order, or NYPD Blue, because, odds are. ["He was also one of Sam 'Tommy Lee Jones' Gerard's Deputy Marshals in the movie version of The Fugitive. The one who explains 'hinky,' towards the end." -- Sars]

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