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A hand drops a needle on a 45. (If that doesn't make sense to you, go ask your parents what those words mean.) Buddy Holly's "Everyday" starts to play. (The song was released as a single in 1957, placing this scene at least some time after that). A pretty young bobby-soxer in a big skirt with a bandana in her hair dances around her room. She puts some bright red lipstick on her lips. Whore! A severe looking older woman enters the room and asks Hotlips where she's going. Based on her tone, it's clear she's Hotlips' mother. Hotlips is going "out," with "him." Mom doesn't like that idea, since he's twice Hotlips' age. (Hotlips' name is Emily, by the way.) Emily doesn't care what her mother thinks, since she's in love. Emily walks out of the house into the rain, with her mother shouting after her. And then Emily runs into the street and gets hit by a car.

Bright lights turn into a series of fluorescent tubes passing overhead as Emily is wheeled down a hospital corridor on a gurney. Emily wakes up and is able to tell the nurse that she's almost six months pregnant. With what? A hamster? Because she doesn't look very pregnant. And we cut to Emily giving birth. The nurses swaddle the crying infant and place it in an incubator. One nurse tells Emily that the baby is a boy, and that he's okay but is very early. Emily wants to hold him, but they need to keep him in the incubator and take him away. As the nurses wheel the incubator out of the room, Emily calls after them: "Name him John." And then the incubator blows up. Wow, that really is Locke.

Locke leads Hurley and Ben through the jungle at night. Hurley has all kinds of questions about why someone would build a cabin in the middle of the jungle, and Locke doesn't really have any answers. But he still wants to find it, because he thinks the guy who lives in the cabin will be able to tell them how to deal with the military guys who are trying to kill them all. They stop, and Hurley asks when they're going to get there. Locke looks at Ben and asks him how much longer. Ben: "I don't know. I've been following him" (indicating Hurley). Hurley: "What? I'm not even in front." Ben has no idea where the cabin is. But if Locke thought Ben was the one who knew, why has Locke been walking in front? Ben sarcastically asks Locke what he thinks they should do, and Locke decides they should make camp.

The chopper is approaching the freighter. Desmond is sleeping, and wakes to find Sayid looming over his bunk. No, Desmond, you're not dreaming. Oh, wait, that might be my dream. The two of them walk down a corridor and out onto the deck, just in time to see the doctor examining the wounded soldier. Yes, the same doctor whose corpse washed up on the beach two episodes ago. Don't be so linear, man. The wounded soldier is loaded onto a gurney and Keamy explains that a black pillar of smoke injured him. Keamy approaches Sayid and asks him how many people are on the island. Sayid asks him why he would do that, without explaining that he has no idea since he doesn't know how many Others there are. Their incipient showdown is cut short when the captain asks Keamy what he's doing. Keamy shifts his rage-filled focus to the captain, sticking a gun under his chin and accusing him of having told Ben who Keamy was. The captain denies it, and Keamy asks who did give him up.

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