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Cut to the captain leading Keamy to the cabin where Michael is chained to a pipe. Keamy knocks over the bunk Michael is sitting on, trapping Michael's leg. Keamy asks if Michael knows who he is, and Michael tells him that he knows his name. And then confesses that he gave that name to Ben. I've been trying to figure out why Keamy would be so upset that Ben knew his name, and my conclusion is that he fears that Ben knowing who he is will enable Ben to strike back at him through his friends and family. Maybe? Anyway, Keamy is going to shoot Michael and the captain tries to stop him, explaining that since Michael broke the engines he's the only one who can fix them. But it doesn't really matter, because even when Keamy pulls the trigger, the gun won't fire. Keamy settles for just punching Michael. Credits.

Close-up on Locke's eye. He hears a knocking sound and wakes up. It's morning, but Ben and Hurley are still asleep. And the campfire is still burning. First, why do they leave their fire burning all night? Surely it doesn't get that cold on the island. Second, how come the fire is always still burning the next morning? Anyway, the knocking sound continues -- it sounds like someone chopping wood. Or a very large, very slow woodpecker. Locke walks towards the sound and finds a man in a Dharma jumpsuit chopping down trees. It's our old friend, Horace. As Horace gets almost all the way through a tree trunk, he stops chopping and pushes the tree over. And then he says hello to Locke and introduces himself. Locke asks him what he's doing, and Horace tells him he's building "a little getaway for me and the missus. I mean sometimes you need a break from the D.I., you know?" And by D.I., he means "Dharma Initiative." He acknowledges that he's not making any sense, turns away, and then turns back and tells Locke, "That's probably because I've been dead for twelve years." And his nose is bleeding. And the tree he knocked over is now upright again, so he goes to knock it over some more. And then he reintroduces himself to Locke, but now his nose is not bleeding. And the tree is back upright. Horace: "You gotta find me John. You gotta find me. And when you do, you'll find him." Locke: "Who?" Horace (now with bleeding nose): "Jacob. He's been waiting for you a real long time, man." I think Hurley and Horace would really get along. Horace reintroduces himself and goes back to chopping down the tree. And then Locke wakes up.

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