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So, a note on timing. Horace claimed he had been dead for twelve years. Which would make the Dharma massacre twelve years ago. But we know that Alex was 16, and that Rousseau claimed that Alex was stolen from her just after she was born. And I assumed that Ben's coup would have had to have happened before then, because it's hard to picture him secretly raising a daughter behind his father's back. Which would place Horace's death sometime at least 16 years ago. So it seems to me there are three options. Perhaps Locke's dream (or vision) is just unreliable, at least when it comes to time. Or it could be that Alex actually lived with Rousseau in the jungle until she was 4 or 5 and wasn't taken by Ben until then. (But I would expect her to have had some memory of her mother if that was the case). Or Alex was stolen as a baby, but was being raised by the other Hostiles while Ben was still part of the Dharma Initiative. But then why wouldn't Alex think of one of the others as her father? (And each of the last two possibilities would require Rousseau to have lived on the island while the Dharma people were still there, which strikes me as unlikely, in part because it would mean that Rousseau hijacked he Dharma radio tower while Dharma was still going strong -- I would have expected them to repair something like that.) I guess the last option is that there's some kind of crazy time travel thing going on.

Anyway, Locke wakes up. Ben is sitting on a log, staring at him. Locke calls Hurley's name to wake him up. Hurley, still sleeping: "Mallomars." Heh. Locke tells Hurley it's time to leave. When Hurley points out that they don't know where to go, Locke tells him that they do now. Ben: "I used to have dreams." Did they involve being a pretty, pretty ballerina? Oh wait, that might be my dream again.

'50s hospital. Baby Locke is still in the incubator. (Which never blew up, that was a joke.) Emily and Grandma Locke are in the room looking at him. Grandma is wearing a hat made out of starfish. I'm not joking. Emily is near tears. The nurse enters and tells them that Baby Locke has had all kinds of problems, but fought through them all and is in fine health. The nurse tells Emily that it's okay for Locke to come out of the incubator, so she can hold him for the first time. And then Emily develops schizophrenia and runs out of the room. (By the way, kudos to the casting department for finding a young actor who looks so much like Swoozie Kurtz.) Grandma Locke pulls a cigarette out of her purse and asks who she should talk to about adoption. The nurse points out that she can't smoke there. And then Grandma Locke sees a dark-haired man watching them through an interior window. The nurse asks if that's the father; Grandma claims that she doesn't know who the man is. But we do -- it's Richard Alpert, looking the same as he always has. And I'm so glad Cane was cancelled, because I have missed Nestor Carbonell.

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