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Back in the jungle, Hurley asks Locke exactly why he's there. Locke tells him that because he can see the cabin, he's special. Hurley's theory is that the three of them can see it because they're the craziest. Hurley asks how Locke figured out where the cabin was. Locke tells him that he didn't -- they're going to make a pit stop first, and he'll know how to find the cabin after that. Hurley: "A pit stop? Where?" At a pit -- literally. Locke asks Hurley if he ever wondered what happened to all of the Dharma Initiative people. And then he shows him, by leading him up to the edge of the mass grave into which Ben dumped the corpses of all the Dharma people. Hurley: "Whoa. What happened to them?" Locke, gesturing towards Ben: "He did." Commercials.

A little boy sits in a '60s house and sets up pieces on a backgammon board. A little girl tells him that the game is stupid, and then hits the board, ruining Lil' Locke's work. And then Lil' Locke blows her up. A foster mother enters from the porch, carrying another little boy. She sends the girl and her little brother to the kitchen because there's someone who wants to see Lil' Locke. It's Richard. Foster Mom, with an edge of threat in her voice, tells Lil' Locke that he had better be on his best behavior. Lil' Locke nods his agreement. Foster Mom leaves her charge alone in a room with a strange man. It's nice to see she's so diligent about taking care of her foster kids. Richard sits down across from Lil' Locke and tries to talk to him, but it's pretty one-sided, as all Lil' Locke will do is nod. Richard tells Lil' Locke that he's there on behalf of Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. They've heard Lil' Locke has a preternatural ability to blow things up. Not really, but Richard is there to test Lil' Locke to see if he's suitable for the school that Richard runs. When Lil' Locke hears that Richard thinks he might be special, he looks desperate to hear that this is indeed the case. Richard offers to show Lil' Locke "a couple of really neat things," and they move over to the couch. Ewww, not like that, you pervs. Lil' Locke sits on the couch and Richard sits across from him and places some objects on the coffee table. But before that, Richard sees a drawing of a cloud of black smoke attacking a stick figure. Lil' Locke drew it. The things Richard places on the coffee table include a baseball mitt, a book entitled Book of Laws, a glass vial of sand or dirt, a compass, a copy of issue #40 of Mystery Tales, and a knife. (Mystery Tales #40 was published in April 1956. The cover features a frightened-looking man peering out the window of a train or plane, where he sees a city skyline, with a different city floating on a cloud above. There are two questions on the cover: "What is the secret of the mysterious hidden land?" and "Does it pay to ignore the voice of warning?") Richard tells Lil' Locke that he should think very carefully about the items and tell him which of the things belong to Lil' Locke. Lil' Locke: "To keep?" Richard clarifies that he wants Lil' Locke to identify which of the things already belong to him. (If you've seen this before, it's because it's the one of the tests used in Tibetan Buddhism to identify a reincarnated lama, and has been depicted in a number of movies.) Lil' Locke picks the vial of sand and the compass, both of which seem to please Richard. And then he picks the knife. Richard asks him if he's sure about the knife. He is. Richard looks profoundly disappointed, snatches the knife out of Lil' Locke's hand, and packs up the rest of the items. As he walks to the door, Foster Mom runs up and asks Richard how Lil' Locke did. Richard: "I'm afraid John isn't quite ready for our school." He leaves, and Foster Mom asks Lil' Locke what he did. He just looks down in shame.

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