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And back on the island, Locke has a reason to be ashamed -- he's in the mass grave, rifling through the corpses. Hurley, looking down into the pit, asks Ben what Locke is doing. Ben, looking utterly dejected, just shakes his head. Hurley: "So, this is where you shot Locke and left him for dead, huh?" Ben: "Yes, Hugo, I was standing right where you are now when I pulled the trigger." Hurley takes a step to the side so he's not standing directly in Ben's footsteps. Ben: "I should have realized at the time that it was pointless, but I really wasn't thinking clearly." Hurley asks if that's what happened when Ben killed all of the people in the grave. Ben is aghast at the idea that he killed them all. Hurley asks if it isn't the case that the Others killed the Dharma folks. Ben: "They did wipe them out, but it wasn't my decision." Hurley asks whose decision it was. Ben: "Their leader's." Hurley: "I thought you were their leader." Ben: "Not always." And then Locke finds Horace's corpse (as identified by his "Horace, Mathematician" nametag). In Horace's pocket, Locke finds a blueprint of a quaint little cabin, with a map drawn off to the side. That's just what Locke was looking for.

On the boat, Keamy and the captain walk down a corridor while Keamy inspects his malfunctioning gun. He asks for the captain's key. And then Frank arrives to tell them that the injured soldier is dead. Keamy tells Frank to gas up the chopper, because they're going to go back to the island. Frank doesn't think that makes much sense, but Keamy doesn't give a crap what Frank thinks. Frank leaves, and the captain tries to tell Martin that the crew started to act crazy in his absence (mentioning that Regina threw herself overboard). The captain thinks Keamy may be experiencing symptoms of the same craziness. Keamy appreciates his concern, and once again asks for his key. When the captain resists, Keamy shoves him up against the wall and rips the key from its location on a chain around the captain's neck. Keamy and the captain enter his office. The captain reminds him that they're only supposed to open the safe together. Keamy: "You're here, aren't you?" Taking a key from around his own neck, Keamy opens a file cabinet and uses the two keys to open a safe. From which he removes a red folder. The captain asks what's in the folder; Keamy tells him it's a secondary protocol. As he flips through the pages of a file, we see a large Dharma logo on the first page. Keamy says that the secondary protocol tells them where Ben is going: "Linus knows that if we're gonna torch the island, then there's only one place he can go." The pumpkin patch? The captain is not pleased at the thought of torching the island -- he only agreed to ferry Keamy and his men around for an extraction mission. Keamy looms over him, pulls out his gun... and tells the captain to fix it.

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