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On the deck, Desmond watches some crewmembers carrying the body of the dead soldier away from the chopper. I guess the doctor never got him to the sick bay. Desmond and Sayid gossip about what might have happened. And then the captain arrives and tells another soldier ("Omar") that Keamy wants him in the armory. Omar thinks he's supposed to watch Desmond and Sayid, but the captain agrees to keep an eye on them in Omar's place. As Omar walks away, we hear some Morse code coming out of his phone. On the deck, the captain tells Sayid and Desmond about a safe place on the boat where they can hide. He thinks that if they're still on the deck when Keamy gets there, there's a good chance Keamy will kill them. Sayid thinks it's pointless to hide -- he wants the captain to give them the freighter's launch so they can start to ferry people back from the beach, thereby saving them from death at Keamy's hands. Although I'm not certain what he thinks will stop Keamy from killing them all when he gets back to the boat. The captain agrees, telling them to meet him in ten minutes. Commercials.

Jungle. Locke is getting his bearings on the map. He tells Hurley that since they no longer need his cabin-finding mojo, he's free to head back to the beach. Hurley thinks that visiting the cabin is less risky than walking through the jungle by himself, and decides to stick with Locke and Ben. As Hurley walks on ahead of the group, Ben tells Locke that he's impressed that Locke was able to make Hurley think that staying was his idea. Locke: "I'm not you." Ben: "You're certainly not."

Cut to a dark, enclosed space. We can see some light entering through a vented grate, and we can hear someone knocking and asking to be released. Did Keamy lock somebody up on the boat? No, some bullies locked Teen Locke up in his locker at school. A teacher opens it, and a gaggle of cheerleaders laugh at Teen Locke. Teen Locke has a bloody lip, and the teacher takes him to the nurse's office.

And now Teen Locke and the teacher are in an office. I see no sign of a nurse, or of any medical equipment, so I assume we've moved on to the teacher's office. Which means he's probably not a teacher but a principal or some kind of guidance counselor. Teen Locke refuses to say how he got trapped in the locker. Mr. Principal tells Teen Locke that while he's undoubtedly feeling unhappy at the moment, Mr. Principal does have some good news -- it seems that he was contacted by a Dr. Alpert of Mittelos Labs, and they'd like to invite Teen Locke to attend their science camp somewhere near Portland. Teen Locke thinks that things like science camp are the reason he gets stuffed into lockers. Teen Locke denies being a scientist: "I like boxing, and fishing, and cars. I like sports." Mr. Principal tells Teen Locke that he shouldn't try to deny his true identity as a man of science. I think he should have told him that going to science camp would enable him to invent a death ray to kill the bullies. Instead, Mr. Principal focuses on crushing Teen Locke's dreams, telling him that he'll never be the prom king or the quarterback or a superhero. Teen Locke: "Don't tell me what I can't do."

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