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Freighter. Michael is on the floor of his cell, in pain, when Frank enters and asks him, "Why didn't you tell me?" What? Oh, that Michael is a survivor of Flight 815. Michael claims that Frank wouldn't have believed him. As Frank points out, the fact that he already told Michael that he believed the wreckage of Flight 815 was faked should have been a clue that he would be receptive to learning that there were survivors. Michael adds that he didn't know if he could trust Frank, since he's working for the guy who put the fake wreckage on the ocean floor. Frank releases Michael from his handcuffs and helps him stand up. Michael tells Frank that he can't fly Keamy back to the island, since he's planning on killing everyone there. They walk out of Michael's cell and see Omar and Keamy in a room at the end of the corridor. Omar is wrapping Keamy up in some kind of bondage gear. There are straps around his beautiful chest, taut abs, and enormous arms. I'm sorry, it's getting a little hot on this boat. Frank tells them that he's taking Michael to the engine room. Omar slams the door shut. If you didn't want people to see your bondage play, you should have kept the door shut in the first place. (But thank you for keeping it open.)

Captain Gault meets Sayid and Desmond at the appointed spot. He gives Sayid a compass and tells him to keep a heading of 305. Sayid asks what the captain will tell Keamy if he notices the launch missing. Captain: "I'll tell him you stole it." The captain tells them to leave, and walks away. Sayid prepares to climb down the ladder to the launch. Desmond tells him that he's not going back to the island: "I've been on the island three years. I'm never setting foot on it again, not when Penny's coming for me." Sayid accepts this, and tells him he'll return as soon as he can. The captain calls down to them from another deck, telling them to leave ASAP. Sayid climbs into the launch and heads out. Commercials.

Jungle, at night. Locke says that they're near the cabin. Ben asks how he knows it's still there. Locke: "It hasn't moved, because I was told that this is where it would be." Ben: "I was told a lot of things, too. That I was chosen, that I was special. I end up with a tumor on my spine and my daughter's blood all over my hands." But on the plus side, you got a lot of spiffy suits. Locke, with utter sincerity: "I'm sorry those things happened to you, Ben." Ben thinks those things were destiny. He tells Locke that he'll see that being chosen brings consequences; he calls destiny "a fickle bitch." Takes one to know one. From up ahead, Hurley calls out to tell them that they've found the cabin.

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