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Flashback to Locke in rehab for his shattered spine. He's pulling himself along the parallel bars when he collapses. His physical therapist tells him they're finished for the day. Mysterious black hands push a wheelchair over to Locke. Except they're not that mysterious -- there just aren't that many black characters on this show, and we know that Locke never met Michael or Rose before coming to the island. So it must be Miss Klugh. Psych! It's Abbadon. As he wheels Locke down the hall, he tells him not to give up, because anything's possible. Locke thinks it would take a miracle for him to walk again; Abbadon points out that he survived an eight-story fall, so he's clearly not unfamiliar with miracles. But Locke doesn't believe in miracles. They arrive at an elevator, which is also at the top of a flight of stairs. Count me in with those who thought Abbadon was going to push Locke down the stairs. Instead, he calls the elevator and tells Locke that he (Abbadon) experienced his own miracle. But we never hear what it was -- clearly an inability to ask questions was a problem of Locke's even before he landed on the island. Abbadon sits down next to Locke and tells him he needs to go on a walkabout, and then describes to him what that is. Abbadon says that he went on his own walkabout, and it taught him who he is. Locke mocks him for going on a walkabout only to discover that he's an orderly in a hospital. Abbadon: "Oh, I'm a lot more than just an orderly, John." The elevator arrives, and Abbadon puts him on it. But he gets off himself before the doors close, telling Locke, "When you're ready, Mr. Locke, you'll listen to what I'm saying. And then, when you and me run into each other again, you'll owe me one." The tone of his voice makes it sound as though he plans on charging a usurious level of interest on that debt.

On the freighter, soldiers pack up all kinds of scary-ass weapons. Desmond watches the activity around the chopper. Despite the fact that his dead patient was carried away some time ago, the doctor is still puttering around. Omar tells him that he got a Morse code message from the beach that the doctor washed up on the shore with his throat slit. The doctor thinks that's kind of crazy. Keamy arrives and tells Omar to get everything packed up. He's still wearing some of his bondage gear -- you can see the straps around his enormous upper arm. Frank arrives and asks what all the weapons are for. Keamy doesn't answer, and just tells Frank to start up the chopper. Frank tells him that he was hired to fly scientists around; he refuses to fly the soldiers back to the island. Keamy threatens to kill him, and Frank points out that his death would really make it impossible for Keamy to get back to the island, since Frank is the only pilot on board. So Keamy walks over to the doctor, slits his throat, and throws his body overboard. Well, that's one mystery solved. Keamy tells Frank that for every thirty seconds he refuses to fly him back, he'll kill another person. And then there's a gunshot. Captain Gault, backed up by a couple of crewmembers, points a gun at Keamy. Captain: "Fixed your gun." He tells Keamy to stand down or he'll shoot. Keamy raises his arms, and you can see that he's got a little box strapped to the inside of his arm. He gestures to it and tells the captain that shooting him would not be such a good idea. The captain looks aside to ask someone what the box is, and Keamy pulls out Omar's gun and shoots the captain. Nooooo! You're not supposed to kill each other -- you're supposed to fight and then have hot make-up sex. Come on! The captain keels over, and Keamy asks Frank what his choice is. Frank: "We're flying." Frank gets in the chopper, flips some switches, and then grabs a satellite phone and wraps it in a raincoat before shoving it in a pack. Keamy pries his gun out of the captain's cold dead fingers and then gets in the chopper. And it takes off.

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