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Beach. Did you forget there were people there? Jack has left his tent to get some food. He seems remarkably chipper for someone who just had his appendix removed. Although with the kind of time games they're playing on the show, it's possible that it's been several days since the surgery. Juliet finishes lecturing Jack, and then they hear the sound of the chopper. Everyone looks up and sees it coming. They all look quite thrilled. Until the chopper flies overhead without stopping. It does drop something though, crushing an empty shelter. It's the bag with the satellite phone in it. On the display, you can see a light indicating the chopper (or its passengers) moving quickly northwards. Jack: "I think they want us to follow them." Or maybe they're trying to give you a way to stay the hell away from the people who are trying to kill you.

Jungle. Locke, Ben, and Hurley stand outside the cabin. Locke tells Ben, "Let's do this." But Ben's not going in; he's decided that Locke is the new chosen one. And Hurley is also pretty comfortable with Locke going in on his own. Locke leaves the torch and his pack with his cowardly stooges. Ben wishes him luck. Locke approaches the cabin and lights the lamp that is on the porch.

Locke enters the cabin. There's somebody sitting at a table. Locke enters and asks the person if he's Jacob. He isn't, but he says that he can speak on Jacob's behalf. Locke approaches and asks who it is. It's Christian! Which means nothing to Locke. (Christian is wearing brown boots instead of his normal white shoes. In case that means anything. My guess is that he stepped in some polar bear crap and just needed to change his shoes.) Locke sits down and asks if Christian knows why he's there. Christian: "Yeah, sure. Do you?" Locke: "I'm here because I was chosen to be." Locke hears a creaking sound in the corner, and walks over there. And he finds Claire, indolently lolling about. He's kind of shocked to see her. She tells him to relax; she's with Christian. She's got this kind of weird smirk. I think she looks high, but others have suggested it's more of a post-coital look. But I refuse to believe that, because why would she French her daddy? Locke asks where the baby is, and Christian tells him, "The baby's where he's supposed to be, and that's not here." Locke starts to ask all kinds of indignant questions, and Christian tells him that the Boaties are already on their way back; he thinks Locke should ask the one question that matters. Locke: "How do I save the island?"

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