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In what I hope is a continuing trend, we get no previouslys this week. I have two theories: the first is that the network is finally ready to concede that viewers can be trusted to remember what happens on this show.


The other is that they're going to really start screwing with continuity, so they don't want any reminders of what happened before.

Libby's power-walking across the beach, doing that perfect-posture arms-swinging thing power-walkers do that never fails to crack me up. Hurley's struggling to keep up with her, and she's kind of annoying anyway, brightly telling him that exercise is addictive. No, it's not. Junk food is addictive. Cigarettes are addictive. Exercise is hard. That's the problem.

She pauses to give him a break, and he embarrassedly says he probably needs to drop a few pounds. With genuine affection, she tells him not to be so hard on himself, because it won't happen overnight, and offers up some encouragement re: different metabolisms. But Hurley says it isn't his metabolism: "I'm sick," he says. She asks him what's wrong, and he says never mind, and starts to walk away. She stops him, and tells him he can trust her. "Okay. But...it's bad," he says, reluctantly. Endearingly bad, or bad bad?

In the jungle, Hurley's managed to build a tree pantry, using the giant tropical leaves for cover. His stash is a lot bigger than I'd figured. He tells Libby that when they crashed, he figured an upside would be his all-mango diet, and that he'd dropped a couple of belt sizes. She smiles slightly. "Then we found this hatch, and it was full of food. Tons of food," he says. Look, just because you don't have previouslys this week doesn't mean the characters get to talk to each other like they need to brought up on every plot point. Libby knows about the hatch. Anyway, Hurley says he tried to give the food away, but he kept some for himself. Oh, and they still have tons down the hatch anyway, which I'd still like explained. "Wish I could just get rid of it," he says. "Then get rid of it," she says. He doesn't understand her Dr. Phil common-sense approach, so she reaches for a huge jar of the ubiquitous Dharma Initiative Ranch Dressing, like how many bags of goddamn Dharma nachos are there anyway? Is Libby going to help him gather it up and bring it to the other Lostaways, saying something simple like they found some more food? No, they're going to rip open every package and spill out every bottle right there on the jungle floor, because it's better to help Hurley shore up his self-esteem than make sure dozens of crash survivors don't starve to death. Give me a break.

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