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Ben has to summon ole Smokey and submit himself to judgment for his past deeds. Locke, Sun, and Frank tag along for the ride, and we're treated to flashbacks starring some of our most favorite special and unique snowflakes. But first...

Previously on Lost: Sayid shoots Ben. Sawyer and Kate deliver Ben to Richard and ask him to save the boy. Richard says if he does, Ben will never be the same again. "He will always be one of us." And we see him carry Ben into the Temple (which will learn is just a gate). Keamy orders Ben to come out of his cabin or he'll kill his daughter. Ben says, "I stole her as a baby from an insane woman. She means nothing to me, so if you want to kill her, go ahead and do it." Alex cries until a gunshot silences her for good. Frank reminds Sun that Ben is dangerous. "That boat I came here on was filled with commandos whose only mission was to get him." Ben snarks, "How'd that work out for everyone?" Sun, standing in for all her peers and much of the audience, clocks Ben with an oar from the outrigger -- knocking him cold. In the Hydra Island makeshift sickbay, Caesar and Locke stand over an unconscious Ben. Caesar says, "Do you know him?" Locke says, "Yeah. He's the man who killed me." And now...

Either they hold Ren Faires on the island, or that's Prince Valiant riding his trusty steed through the forest to ye merry olde encampment. Exactly how far back have we flashed? Is that a serf walking in front of the camera as Prince Valiant dismounts? Oh, wait, we're not that far back after all. Prince Valiant is wearing modern shoes and pants, which is a shame, because I wouldn't have minded seeing him in tights. And yeah, I've probably got my garb eras all garbled, but am I wrong about the rightness of him in tights? I think not. I'm also not wrong about using "am" in the previous sentence, even though MS Word insists I meant to say, "is I wrong," which is just wrong. Anyhow, this guy, by the way, is played by David S. Lee, and we're going to find out he's Charles Widmore, and that this is 1977, so I'm dropping the pretense, even though it will take away from the reveal, because once he opens his mouth it's pretty clear from his accent who he's supposed to be.

So, this young and yummy Charles approaches Richard and demands to know what he's done. Richard tells him to calm down. "This has nothing to do with you." Charles is incensed that Richard has brought one of "them to our temple." But Richard explains that he's just a boy -- a boy who was dying. Charles says he should have let him die. So they've met? Richard plays his trump card: "Jacob wanted it done." Charles looks at Richard sort of like you're always saying that shit. I think you make it up as you go along, I do, so Richard adds, "The island chooses who the island chooses. You know that." Charles all but bites his tongue, takes a breath and then says, "Yes, yes of course. What's his name?" Gee these two are pretty. I could watch them standing there talking right in each other's face for the whole hour. Who's with me? Not the writers and directors, apparently, because we cut to...

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