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Immaculate misconception

Boone, meanwhile, has made his way up to the cockpit, where he, clearly not expecting any results, flicks on the radio. It crackles to life, surprising him. Also surprising him, apparently not knowing anything about balance or fulcrums, is the plane shifting even more, what with him now being in the cockpit. Locke yells for Boone to get out, but Boone's intent on trying the radio. He sends out a message, and is elated to hear someone respond. I agree that the person who responds sounds somewhat like Boone, but it's not like Boone's got some kind of distinctive voice or anything. The plane continues to lurch downward, as Boone yells, "We're the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815," and I know it's caused a lot of debate on the boards, but it sounds to me like the response is, "We're the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815," but I don't know how much stock we're supposed to place in that. Maybe it's just Boone's line re-looped with static added, and all we're really supposed to hear is someone else's voice on the radio? Because this would be quite a plot twist, and you'd think they'd make that revelation a lot clearer. Or...who knows. Forget it. I give up.

The plane finally shakes free from the cliff, landing nose-first, and flopping over upside down. Locke yells for Boone and struggles to his feet again, staggering over to the plane, where he crawls inside and shoves stuff out of the way until he gets to Boone's bloody body. See, if he'd told Boone about that part of his vision, now he'd be able to say, "See? Told you!" He puts Boone on his shoulders and carries him away. Commercials.

Back in the cave, Kate and Jack are still chortling over how they stuck it to Sawyer, with Kate asking Jack if he knew Sawyer needed glasses before or after he asked about Sawyer's latest outbreak. Jack says he can't tell her without violating doctor-patient confidentiality, which floored me, since it appeared that he'd never heard of that concept before. Kate thanks Jack for helping Sawyer: "I know it was probably the last thing you wanted to do." He responds, "I didn't do it for him." She smiles, and I have to say she's got a beautiful smile, and...what was I saying? Anyway, I guess Jack and Kate are getting thrown together again.

But this touching moment is interrupted by Locke bellowing for Jack and flopping Boone down in the cave. Doesn't someone normally run ahead to get Jack when someone's injured? That would be less dramatic here, I suppose. As Jack examines Boone's body, Locke is vague (deliberately, obviously) about what happened, saying only that Boone fell off a cliff while they were out hunting. Jack rips open Boone's clothes to reveal quite a lot of damage, and he tells Kate to get shirts and towels and whatever else will help him staunch the bleeding. He has to bark at her to snap her out of her daze, too. Then he asks Locke to tell him exactly what happened -- but Locke's already gone.

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