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Immaculate misconception

Back at the trebuchet factory, Locke's working his ass off when Boone comes strolling up. "You're late," says Locke, like maybe Boone took a longer lunch hour than Locke allows. How nice that Locke is becoming the Dave Grohl of the island. Boone says he thinks he's done working. "This is useless. You can't open this thing. You say you can, but you can't," says Boone, and as we know, Locke hates to be told what he can't do, and he says that he and Boone were supposed to find the hatch, and blah blah blah, and Boone wants to know, if the two of them were "supposed" to find the hatch, why haven't they been able to open it. Locke can't answer, so he says, "The island will send us a sign." Not surprisingly, Boone ain't buyin' that. And since he's showing a backbone, how much do you want to bet this is a dream sequence? "All that's happening now is our faith is being tested, our commitment. But we will open it! The island will show us how!" Boone wants to know what kind of sign the island's going to send. And we hear the sound of a propeller engine. Locke looks up and sees a low-flying plane, black smoke trailing behind it, cross the sky. He points at it, and asks if Boone saw that. Boone doesn't respond; he's looking to the sky, but in a different direction. And we see a quick flash of Boone, still looking to the sky, only now he's covered with blood, then back to normal. And then there's Swoosie, fur coat and all, standing in the jungle, pointing to the sky. And Bloody Boone again, repeating over and over, in a deep voice, "Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs." Locke's back in his wheelchair now, and he struggles to get out, saying, "Don't take it back now!" and pitches forward, out of the chair.

...aaaaand Locke's waking up, holding his head in his hands, wondering if this show, with only a few episodes left this season, is going to start answering some questions instead of just piling on more puzzles. Commercials.

Back from the break, Locke's waking up Boone in the early morning, and you have to think that by this point Boone's really regretting hanging out with Locke so much. Not that he questions Locke a whole lot when Locke says they have to go, and they strike out into the jungle.

"Emily Annabeth Locke, in ten thousand words or less," says the private investigator in the Wal-Mart break room, handing some papers over to Locke. Those of you think she's not really Locke's mother maybe could offer your thoughts on how fortunate it was that Locke hired a private investigator who was apparently in on it somehow. "So, she's my mother," says Locke. The P.I. says he lifted some hairs from her car and matched them with a DNA sample from Locke -- 99.9 per cent sure. There's also a hospital admissions record; the P.I. says she'd been institutionalized a few times, for schizophrenia. "Apparently if she stays on her meds, she's okay." Locke asks about his father. The P.I. hems and haws a little, before pointing out that while Locke's mom is fair game for seeking him out, it's possible Locke's father doesn't even know Locke exists. "I've done this enough times to know, this stuff isn't meant to be, even though it might feel that way. But this probably won't have a happy ending." He taps the red file folder in front of him. "So, do you want it or not?" Locke barely hesitates. "I want it," he says, and the P.I. slides it over.

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